Difference Between One-Punch Man Webcomic and Manga

From Art aside, the One-Punch Man webcomic and manga are still largely similar to each other. The webcomic is the original. The manga is the transformation of the webcomic, and the anime depends on the manga. The webcomic is sensible. The anime, including the most as of late broadcasted episode from season 2, doesn’t put us at chapter 50 of the webcomic. The Garou arc closes in the webcomic at around Chapter 97, and at present stretches out to chapter 112.

The manga starts to add significantly more happiness, not present in that frame of mind at around the chapter 50 print. The fundamental thought is as yet unchanged, yet a ton of extra battles and sub-storylines get added.

In this way, indeed, the manga is the more “sorted through” form. ONE participates in making (or possibly supporting) the new storylines and extended histories that show up in the manga, yet Murata adds his little take and twist on things eventually. I comprehend that everything in the manga can be viewed to be ruling as of now.

One-Punch Man webcomic and manga
One-Punch Man webcomic and manga

The main difference between the One-Punch Man webcomic and manga is the quality of the art, which is far superior to the manga. The story is more or less the same, with the manga having a lot of major additions (with ONE’s blessing), but in overall terms of quality and enjoyment, the manga is far superior to the webcomic.

One-Punch Man Webcomic

The original webcomic began publication in 2009. ONE, the author of the webcomic, self-published the series on the Japanese manga website Nitosha.net. As of August 2021, the webcomic has a total of 141 published chapters and is still ongoing. In terms of plot, the webcomic is ways ahead of the manga.

One-Punch Man Manga

The manga series adaptation drawn by Yūsuke Murata has been published on June 14, 2012, in, the web magazine Tonari no Young Jump. The idea for the adaptation started after a Twitter chat from Murata wishing to collaborate with ONE. Outside of Japan, the series is published in North America in the digital magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump Alpha published by VIZ Media. As of December 3, 2021, twenty-four volumes have been published.

One-Punch Man Webcomic and Manga: Which Is Better?

Overall, in terms of quality and plot, the manga is superior to the original webcomic. While ONE is a great narrator, he is a poor artist and when you compare the relatively simple art of the webcomic to the artistry of the manga, you’ll know what we are talking about. In terms of plot, the webcomic remains the main source. But since most of the (major) changes in the manga have been done with ONE’s blessing. 

The manga can be considered canon as well and if you approach it like that, the plot is more entertaining. But, even though we think the manga is superior, we would advise you to read both. The webcomic is the source for the plot and it is far ahead in terms of the events; it is assumed that the manga might catch up to the original webcomic in several years. 

Differences Between the One-Punch Man Webcomic and Manga

One-Punch Man webcomic and manga
One-Punch Man webcomic and manga

Art Style

The art in ONE’s original webcomic can be seen as amateurish and very rough, although many fans have appreciated the rugged charm of this style. The style lends itself well to illustrating fearsome and grotesque monsters, and conveying motion, although it is rather awkward in showing anatomy and human characters.

In contrast, the manga version of OPM boasts highly polished art thanks to Murata’s direction and illustration. Even with more professional treatment of the original comic panels, many of the panels keep the same comedic or caricaturized spirit as the webcomic.

Story Arcs and Events

The manga followed closely along with the webcomic, embellishing or changing many many details, especially with regards to fight scenes. The manga and webcomic begin to diverge significantly by Chapter 47. The next thirty chapters in the manga up to #78 contain n arcs, characters, and fig,hts.

The climactic fight against Psykos and Orochi in the webcomic, for instance, ends after the two are defeated. In the manga, they instead fuse into an abomination that takes a few more chapters to fight.


The manga serves as the main canonical reference for characters, plot, and other details in the anime and other renditions. Both ONE and Murata have designed the manga as an improved redrawing of the original webcomic, but the two have also refined the tankobon volumes of the manga by adding extra details. For practical purposes, the manga serves as the definitive version of the OPM series to most fans.


One-Punch Man webcomic and manga
One-Punch Man webcomic and manga

Some characters are changed or absent from the original webcomic. Tatsumaki, for instance, is quite powerful in both versions, although her power is considerably subdued in the webcomic. Fubuki is less of a protective leader in the original as well, acting more coldly and ruthlessly in combat.

The importance of some characters to the plot can also change, as in the case of the Child Emperor – who is less prominent in the webcomic during the Monster Association arc. Other characters, like Blast, debuted in the manga and are missing from the webcomic altogether.


The manga regularly includes extras, such as makes – short, usually-comedic comics with four panels – and even bonus chapters and specials for certain occasions.


ONE writes and illustrates the original webcomic. It likewise handles the general direction of the story and character arcs for the series as a whole. This also collaborates with Murata in refining and storyboarding the manga. Murata himself is responsible for illustrating the manga.


The webcomic is digitally self-published on Nitosha.net. Everyone can find the manga on Viz, where it is officially translated into English. Unofficial translations are also popular and are available at sites such as MangaDex and Cuban.

How are the One-Punch Man Webcomic and Manga Similar? 

One-Punch Man webcomic and manga
One-Punch Man webcomic and manga

Art direction aside, the One-Punch Man webcomic and manga are still largely similar to each other. While the manga frequently adds new content, it expands upon the same general setting as the webcomic. The manga also incorporates all of the webcomic’s story arcs, in addition to introducing its own. Both versions revolve around the same cast of main characters, feature the use of superpowers, and share the same comedic and playful deconstruction of common shonen series tropes. 

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