Google issues a security update for Chrome which is actively exploited

Google issues a security update for Chrome which is actively exploited

Google has released a security update to its Chrome Stable browser. This addresses a vulnerability that was discovered in the wild. Other browser makers that use Chromium (the core of Chrome) have also released security updates or will soon.

Google has released an update for the Chrome Stable channel and the Chrome Extended Stable channels, as well as for Chrome for Android. Chrome Stable’s version has been updated to 107.0.5304.121 on Mac and Linux, and 107.0.5304.121/.122 on Windows. The Chrome Extended Stable version has been upgraded to 106.0.5249.199. Chrome for Android is now 107.0.5304.141.

Chrome desktop users may perform a manual check to see if there are any updates available. All it takes is to load chrome://settings/help or select Chrome Menu > Help > About Google Chrome to do so. This page displays the current version of Chrome installed on your device. It also checks for updates. Any update found during scans is downloaded and installed.

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Each update addresses a single security problem in the browser. It is CVE-2022-4136: Heap buffer overload in GPU and Google has given it a high severity rating. The severity scale ranks second to high, with critical being the highest.

Google says that the vulnerability is being exploited in the wild. To protect their browser against potential attacks, Chrome users are advised to update their browser immediately.

Google Chrome automatically updates Android. Google Play does not offer an option to speed up the process. Google Play also lacks the option to perform a manual scan for Android updates, similar to what is done on the desktop.

Google issues a security update for Chrome

Google had fixed 10 security problems in Chrome 107. It was released to a stable channel a few days ago. Google is currently testing Encrypted Client Hello in Chrome Canary, a new security feature.

Brave Browser was the first Chromium-based third-party browser to release an update that addressed the security problem. Although the release notes only state that the browser was updated to Chromium 107.0.5304.141 by Brave Browser, the official Twitter account confirms the fact that the update fixes the security problem in the browser.

Brave desktop users may load brave://settings/help to display the installed version and run a check for updates.

There is no security update for other browsers like Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, or Opera.


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