Jared Leto Shirtless Instagram Post to mark 50th Birthday goes Viral

The Oscar Award winner Jared Leto stormed the social media platforms on his milestone fiftieth birthday on December 26, Sunday with a very hot shirtless photo that proves he’s basically beyond his age.

The Viral Click

“Thx for all the bday wishes!” Leto wrote to his combined 14.4 million followers on Twitter and Instagram. The photo was viral within a few seconds.

In the photo, he can be seen enjoying his portion of his rainbow-themed birthday cake. He is also giving a thumbs up in the photo and displaying his fit body and glistening abs with sweat or oil. The red color in his lips again became the highlight of the whole picture and added up to his vampire looks.

The looks with his magical eyes are sharp and intense and give the whole frame a deep look. His long hairs are also wet and greasy as his body and this again makes the picture sexier and hotter.

The photo appears to be a behind-the-scenes snap from his upcoming Marvel vampire movie Moribus, as he has red blood dripping from the corner of his mouth and a red scratch on his left chest.

Jared Leto shirtless Instagram post
Jared Leto shirtless Instagram post

People were wondering about his faultless young looks and perfectly toned abs. He just looked the same as he did in his early thirties. Many of his influencers told that he was an inspiration to people of all ages for perfectly taking care of himself even at this age. Some people commented that his age was reversed and he is the youth icon of the decade. The photo went across boundaries and people were wondering by knowing his actual age and his youthful looks.

The House of Gucci actor has frequently documented his physique on social media for his adoring fans worldwide. Last year, Leto used another shirtless photo to get his followers on the poll. Each photo he posts on Instagram or Twitter gets viral within a few minutes. He is also extremely flaunted for his fashion sense and the way he carries his unique style. The actor is also well known for his dramatic transformations in each film and people are impatiently looking out for the getup changes in his upcoming movie.

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The Vampire of Moribus

Fans are looking out for his new movie Moribus. The trailer of the movie has already been released and it is probably in theatres by the end of January. Moribus is an American superhero-based film based on a Marvel character who is playing the role of Dr Michael Moribus, a scientist who is trying to cure himself of a very dangerous and rare blood disease. 

While he is attempting to treat himself he accidentally gets infected with a form of vampirism and becomes a vampire. He then gains many superpowers, but he also depicts the mental struggle and pain of a patient with a deadly disease as well as the moral problems faced by the protagonist who has a thirst for blood. This role has many layers and it is of course a very challenging role in his career. His mysterious look and physique make the look memorable. People are waiting impatiently to see his vampire on the screen.

Leto -An Inspiration

Jared Joseph Leto was born in the Louisiana state of the United States. He started his career in television and achieved wide popularity on his new television series ‘My So-Called Life’. From then on he continued to be the heartthrob of cinema enthusiasts across the world. He won the academy award for the category of Best supporting actor for his performance in ‘Dallas Buyers club’. 

Jared Leto is also famous because of his youthful appearance and his health consciousness. He maintains his youthful appearance by living down to a completely healthy veggie-based lifestyle.

He told an interviewer in 2016 that the secret of his youthful appearance is sleep and diet. He says that he has a very disciplined sleep schedule. He admitted that he sometimes takes a bite of a cookie made by his mother or eats a bit of his favorite salmon when he is in Alaska. But other than that he has a perfect vegetarian diet. He has thus become not just an inspiration for the people because of his flawless skin and looks, but indeed he has become the health icon for people. He reminds us that nothing comes without hard work and determination.