How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 12

Taking a screenshot on iPhone 12 seems problematic when you are unaware of which buttons require pressing jointly. To aid you regarding this, we have discussed three different methods to take screenshots on iPhone 12. Thus, go through this guide thoroughly.

Screenshot on iPhone 12

Methods to Take A Screenshot on iPhone 12

Follow the below techniques to take screenshots on iPhone 12 or other iPhones easily:

Way 1: Taking Screenshots on iPhone 12 Using Side & Volume Up Buttons

  1. Firstly, push the side and volume up keys together for a sec.
  2. Next, instantly free both the keys.
  3. Finally, the screenshot gets captured.

Screenshot on iPhone 12

You can see the screenshot thumbnail at the bottom-left of the phone screen for a moment.

Just click on the thumbnail to view it. Else, snap it to the left to ignore it.

Way 2: Using the Side & Home Buttons

  1. The first step is to push the side and home keys together for a second.
  2. After that, discharge both the buttons immediately.
  3. Finally, the screenshot gets caught. You can view the screenshot thumbnail at the bottom-left of the phone display.

To open and view the screenshot, tap on the thumbnail. Otherwise, flick the thumbnail to the left side to force it out.

Way 3: Using the Top & Home Buttons

  1. Firstly, push the home and top keys simultaneously for a sec.
  2. Then, discharge both the keys quickly.
  3. Finally, you will get the screenshot on iPhone 12. You can watch the screenshot thumbnail on the screen at the bottom-left.

To view the screenshot, snap on the thumbnail. Alternatively, hit on the thumbnail to send it off.

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Where to Find the Screenshot Taken on iPhone 12?

Use the given steps to retrieve screenshots taken on iPhone 12:

  1. Firstly, proceed to Photos.

Screenshot on iPhone 12

2. After that, tap on Albums.

3. Finally, go to Media Types —> Screenshots.


Taking screenshots on a smartphone is an important option. Therefore, utilize the above-listed ways to take screenshots on iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, or other Face or Touch ID iPhone models.

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