How to Adopt a Ukrainian Orphan

How to Adopt a Ukrainian Orphan

Ministry of Social Policy Statement on Intercountry Adoption On March 13, 2022, the Ukrainian Ministry of Social Policy gave the accompanying statement on Intercountry Adoption Under States of Martial Law – A Clarification. The Department of State is pleased to give the accompanying official translation. Official Ukrainian updates about a range of issues related to the invasion, including the evacuation of youngsters dwelling in institutional care, are available on the Cabinet of Clergymen’s site.

Ukraine is a previous Soviet Association country located in Eastern Europe and is lined by Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. From the ornate Standard houses of worship of Kiev to the splendid shores coating the Crimea Sea, Ukraine is a country wealthy in history and culture. In the middle of Western and Eastern Europe, Ukraine’s ancient castles, rough mountains, and gleaming coastline attract many tourists to the country.

How to Adopt a Ukrainian Orphan

Kiev, called “the mother of Slavic urban communities,” is the capital of Ukraine. It’s the country’s largest city, with about 3,000,000 individuals. Situated on the Black Stream, it remains Ukraine’s cultural and industrial focus. How to Adopt a Ukrainian Orphan.

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Other than Ukrainian, Russian is also broadly spoken. You will find more individuals who understand and speak English in greater urban areas like Kiev.

How to Adopt a Ukrainian Orphan

Adoption in Ukraine is facilitated under The Department for the Security of Youngsters’ Privileges and Facilitating Programs inside the Ministry for Social Policy of Ukraine. Ukraine isn’t a party to the Hague show. Ukraine is a magnificent country to consider adoption from! There are many kids available, you are able to meet your kid prior to making a choice to adopt. How to Adopt a Ukrainian Orphan.

Offspring of All Nations’ master facilitator has a great relationship with the Ukraine adoption authority and is extremely knowledgeable about the adoption cycle of Ukraine. This special relationship allows can to offer families magnificent assistance, at each step of the adoption interaction.


1) Kids Available for Adoption: The Ukrainian government passed an amendment to its Family Code to expect orphans to be at least 5 years old before they are qualified for intercountry adoption. The amendment excludes kids with explicit special necessities, relative adoptions, and kin adoptions. It’s illegal to adopt a solitary youngster under 5 y.o. 

How to Adopt a Ukrainian Orphan

However, in the event that the kid under 5 y.o. is in the kin bunch, then it’s conceivable, for instance, one youngster ought to be more established than 5 y.o. and the other a couple of youngster/ren may be under 5 y.o. A few more youthful kids are available and classified with serious medical circumstances from about 6-9 months. Two youngsters may be adopted in the same trial (in the same court district). How to Adopt a Ukrainian Orphan.

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According to Ukrainian law adopted kids ought to keep Ukrainian citizenship until 18 years of age. The U.S. has as of late passed a law that grants adopted youngsters U.S. citizenship automatically upon adoption.

2) Age Requirements: Under a Ukrainian law that came into impact on April 24, 2008, forthcoming adoptive parents should be at least 21 years old, and at least 15 years more established. If by some stroke of good luck one of the adoptive parents follows these age requirements, the adoption can be finished in the qualified parent’s name as it were. In the event that the youngster is being adopted by a relative, the age contrast isn’t thought of. How to Adopt a Ukrainian Orphan. 

3) Marriage Requirements: Unfamiliar residents should be married to be qualified to adopt from Ukraine. How to Adopt a Ukrainian Orphan.

4) Pay Requirements: While there are no predefined pay requirements, forthcoming adoptive parents are expected to submit documentation recognizing their pay/financial standing in the last half year.

5) Time period: It takes 2 to about two months after adopting for parents to present their dossier to the Department for Family and Youngsters (DFC) until the appointment date. Parents can also anticipate a 2 should 4-week wait between the initial documentation of the adoption in the local court and the issuance of the final adoption order How to Adopt a Ukrainian Orphan.

How to Adopt a Ukrainian Orphan

6) Terms: Youngsters should be in the National Library for one year before they are qualified to be adopted. This gives Ukrainian Residents the need for adoption. However, in the event that a kid has a health diagnosis (which allows adoption of him/her without a waiting period) as recorded by statute, they are available for international adoption once their paperwork administratively clears through the DFC.

7) Methodology: Travel expected: At least one, usually two excursions; the two parents should travel. Parents should travel to Ukraine personally to recognize their youngsters and attend the trial. To place a kid for adoption, the parents should initially have their application and dossier approved by the DFC. How to Adopt a Ukrainian Orphan.

We, or our US partners, may assist you with the dossier preparation – they will give you any data you could require for that. The adoption methodology takes 45-55 days. However, there is a 10-day waiting period after a trial and one or both parent/s like to return home for this timeframe.

8) There is one legal adoption agency in Ukraine: the public authority-operated Department for Family and Youngsters in Kyiv (DFC). The DFC is the main organization that may legally show photos or records of available kids and assists you with distinguishing a kid for adoption. How to Adopt a Ukrainian Orphan.



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