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Ibotta is an application that permits its users to bring cashback on the mobile application, store online and offline purchases with the submission of the receipts, and verify the purchases.  Therefore, Ibotta is an application that offers genuine money back on each purchase made offline or online, it allows earning cash each time you purchase food, essential items, and different necessities.

What’s the Arrangement in Ibotta?

Believe it or not “the benefit” lies in the way that these organizations can track and write about your propensities for shopping in return for discounts which then transform into gift vouchers and cash benefits. In the event that this isn’t interesting to you then, at that point, consider having your Amazon or Facebook account or making online purchases.

Reasons for Deleting the Ibotta account

Data privacy is at risk when the users have more accounts as it may risk the user’s personal information as the breach of data occurs consistently and the data they uncover can be utilized to target accounts, especially the individuals who use passwords on different occasions with a strategy called Credential Stuffing. 

An Effective method to Delete Ibotta Account [Guide] 

Assuming you might want to drop or delete the Ibotta Account, you can essentially fill and present a ticket in their assistance place and select “cancel account request” from the menu.

Delete ibotta Account

Follow the steps for How to Delete Ibotta Account such as:

  1.       Open your Ibotta Account.
  2.       Click on the tab mentioned: “I need help with.”
  3.       Now open the Account Settings or My Profile option.
  4.       Then, select the My Account data or settings.
  5.       Scroll down and tap on “Cancel My Ibotta Account.”

You can likewise compose an email to the ibotta support group mentioning to delete the Ibotta account. Everything necessary to delete ibotta account is a simple email to the ibotta support group and giving three, or more exchange IDs from the earlier orders.

  1.       Open your email Id and Write a new email
  2.       Enter the ibotta email id as [email protected]  in the “To” tab.
  3.       Enter the email subject as “request to delete my Ibotta Account”.
  4.       Now compose the mail and click on send.

The email must be like this:

Why my Ibotta Account is Deactivated?

Ibotta will naturally deactivate the user account in the event of a fake or counterfeit receipt or on the other hand assuming that multiple records are there on a solitary gadget. In this case, if your Ibotta account is not in use for a few months then it will ultimately get deactivated.

How do Delete or Deactivate your Ibotta Account from your Phone?

In the case, that you have an Apple cell phone, you can deactivate your Ibotta account through the application. All you want to do is:

  1.       Tap the Account symbol on the lower part of the application screen
  2.       Tap on the app Settings.
  3.       From here you ought to see the Deactivate Account segment, tap this to drop the Ibotta account
  4.       Confirm the same by clicking on the Deactivate Account link option.
  5.     Then your Ibotta account will be deactivated and you will be brought to the home screen to sign in or create a new account.

In the event that you don’t have an Apple gadget or are encountering application issues while attempting to deactivate, kindly raise a deactivation ticket to the Ibotta Help Centre and select “Deactivating My Ibotta Account” starting from the drop menu.

Kindly follow the procedure discussed above in “An Effective method to Delete Ibotta Account [Guide]” to delete the accounts by any other user than iOS.

Can I Reactivate my ibotta Account?

Indeed. You can send a mail to [email protected] and demand them to raise the request for reactivation of your account.

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Would you be able to have two Ibotta Accounts?

No. Ibotta’s framework will pronounce you as somebody with numerous records and deactivate your records. Furthermore, you cannot take cashback benefits later.

Can I utilize the Old Receipts for Ibotta?

Indeed. You can send your receipts to Ibotta on any day within 7 days from the initial time and date of your purchase. Tragically, if the user submits the receipt on the 8th day then the receipt will be marked old and you will most likely be unable to get any credit for the old receipt.

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