How to Delete Chegg Account Step by Step

Are you thinking of ways to erase your Chegg profile? So, you do not need to fret regarding it because we are on this to support and guide you. In this guide, we have depicted the delete Chegg account process from beginning to end so that you can easily track and follow it.

An Overview of Chegg

Chegg is an American Education System in California that supports its customers 24 * 7 by enabling them to lease or purchase virtual and in print publications. Moreover, the website allows online study sessions and accessing other academic facilities. 

A team of Iowa College students established Chegg in 2005. Currently, it has almost 2.9 million subscribers. And it is a rapidly expanding entity.

delete Chegg account
delete Chegg account

Check Out the Reasons for Using the Delete Chegg Account Process

Even though Chegg provides multiple benefits, numerous users search methods to remove one‘s Chegg profile. There are various grounds for this, some of which are listed below:

  1. Chegg Service Not Required

The subscribers do not need Chegg’s facilities any longer.

  1. Promotional Chegg Emails

The company frequently sends marketing offers or messages to users. Instead of account removal, unsubscribe from the Chegg communications service. Also, you can mark and place Chegg electronic mails in the Spam folder.

  1. Continuous Subscription Fees

Subscribers have consented to a facility. Now, they get continually billed for it. Guessing there is no other alternative available, they often consider removing their Chegg profile to prevent the service charges.

If the above justifications apply to you, follow the instructions below to disable your Chegg account.

Scan the Methods to Delete Chegg Account

delete Chegg account
delete Chegg account

Deleting your Chegg account is not simple, but you should not be concerned. To accomplish it, observe the given details:

Firstly, determine whether you want to cancel your Chegg subscription or remove your Chegg profile. Keep in mind that deleting your Chegg profile erases your consumer profile. Plus, it prevents you from using Chegg services in the future.

Before deactivating your Chegg online profile, make sure you have canceled all your current subscriptions. 

You cannot delete your Chegg account if a subscription exists. Therefore, verify and withdraw existing Chegg subscriptions. 

Subsequently, follow the procedure stated below in the guide under the heading – Steps to Cancel my Chegg Subscription.

Method 1: Send An Email to Delete Chegg Account 

  1. Firstly, sign in to your email id.
  2. In the subject line, type in: Request to Remove Chegg Account.
  3. Next, establish a clear email mentioning your matter with the site or app. Also, list your explanations for account removal.
  4. Further, you can request Chegg customer service to remove all of your personal information from their data file and your online profile.
  5. Finally, submit your email at – [email protected]

Method 2: Use Chegg Website to Delete Chegg Account 

  1. Firstly, proceed to
  2. After that, you get guided to the Chegg Support Center.
  3. Now, go over to the upper menu and tap on the Submit a Request option.
  4. Next, browse Email US. Then, type in your name.
  5. List down your email address on the Chegg official site.
  6. After that, navigate to Account type. 
  7. Tap on the Account Deletion option.
  8. Present your explanations for finalizing the Chegg account removal step. 
  9. Finally, send the drafted email to get your online Chegg profile removed.

Steps to Cancel my Chegg Subscription

delete Chegg account
delete Chegg account

Seek the procedure explained below to cancel your Chegg membership:

  1. Firstly, enable the internet and browse the official website of Chegg (
  2. After this, tap on the Sign In option at the top-right to access your online Chegg profile.
  3. Now, arrive at the Account option.
  4. Select Orders.
  5. There is a Subscription thread underneath the All Orders menu bar.
  6. Choose the membership that you want to revoke. Then, select the Cancel Subscription option.
  7. You will have to affirm your selection. To confirm, tap Cancel Subscription yet again.
  8. Before continuing with the delete Chegg account, please attend Step 2 for all your current Chegg subscriptions.

Chegg App Uninstallation Procedure

After successfully removing your Chegg account, delete the app and reclaim memory space to download any other app you like.

The steps below will help you in uninstalling the Chegg app:

  1. Firstly, go to the Chegg app on your desktop.
  2. Finally, right-tap on it to discover the uninstall option.

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We hope this guide has helped you with the query regarding how to delete Chegg account. Also, you can delete your Chegg profile by reaching the Chegg help desk using any social networking site like Facebook or Twitter. For this, go to your Twitter or Facebook profile. Next, update a post by tagging @CheggHelp. Finally, the Chegg tech team will respond to your issue and assist you with account cancellation.

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