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Clarivate Finds Seven Innovators in the New RNA Technology Companies

Clarivate Finds Seven Innovators in the New RNA Technology Companies

A world leader in providing reliable information and insight to help accelerate speed of development today, the company announced the launch of a new study, RNA Technology Companies to be on the lookout for.

The report highlights seven promising innovative companies in the field of medical science, who are working on problems that are not easily solved by disease-related targets. The report is based on information and insights from BioWorld, an award-winning set of news and services that provides relevant information about the most exciting treatments and medical technologies currently being developed, which is released by Clarivate.

Utilizing Clarivate and BioWorld information and insights, paired with analysis of benefits from drugs and funding, R&D activity and more This report reveals what makes these companies stand out and the reasons they are firms to keep an eye on.

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The potential for RNA therapies to address unmet therapeutic demands therapies that act on or utilize RNA in the fight against diseases have gained momentum in the past decade and have been thrust to the forefront after the regulatory approvals for mRNA-based vaccines in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The success of these treatments for rare diseases that typically are not well-responded to by conventional treatments, is setting the RNA-based therapies apart from. Offering benefits, such as less adverse effects and a lower cost , which can increase effectiveness as well as access, this newest therapy is bringing hope to patients and doctors.

However, RNA technologies have difficulties, such as the inherent weaknesses of instability, higher innate immunogenicity, and difficulties of targeted delivery, in addition to other reasons. Despite these issues this area is still promising. According to the study, Clarivate discovered seven recently founded new RNA technology companies working on solutions to deal with unreachable targets in the space, which include:

  • Aro Biotherapeutics— a company that has pioneered the development of targeted genetic drugs using a patent-pending platform technology called Centyrin designed to precisely apply therapeutics from a variety of therapeutics to tissues in particular. Lead programs include Centyrin-oligonucleotide conjugate therapies meant to provide targeted delivery of oligonucleotides to extrahepatic tissues and Centryrin-small interfering (siRNA) conjugate therapies for oncology targets.

  • Clarivate Finds Seven Innovators in the New RNA Technology Companies
  • Cargene Biopharma Inc — an organization that is developing extremely specific, stable, and potent siRNA-based oligonucleotide therapy using its OSCAR(tm) algorithm as well as the SMoP(tm) pharmaceutical design platform. The company’s mission is to combat many different ailments, but with a particular concentration on ophthalmic and liver diseases.
  • DTx Pharma Inc — an organization that has developed a unique platform technology that is called FALCON(tm) (Fatty Acid Ligand Conjugated OligoNucleotide). The FALCON platform is able to tackle various therapeutic areas, such as CNS cardiology, immunology, and oncology.
  • HAYA Therapeutics SA — an innovative company in precision therapeutics which has developed a unique engine for drug discovery, DiscoverHAYA(tm), enabling an array of lead lengthy non-coding (lncRNA)-targeting anti-fibrotic candidates for a variety of tissues, including kidney, lung, as well as the microenvironment of a solid tumor. The company’s lead development candidate (HTX-001) is a modified ASO targeting the lncRNA Wisper, a cardiac myofibroblast-enriched driver of fibrosis.
  • Laronde is a business whose platform that is called the Endless RNA(tm) (eRNA), uses novel closed-loop programable, permanent non-immunogenic RNA constructs that produce therapeutic proteins in the body.
  • Replicate Bioscience is a firm that designs self-replicating (srRNA) immunotherapies that have an emphasis on resistance to drugs in oncology, as well as the development of new therapies for autoimmune and inflammation-related diseases. Lead candidates include RBI-1000 for breast cancer, RBI-2000 for solid tumors, RBI-3000 for lung cancer and RBI-8000 for inflammatory/autoimmune disease.
  • Strand Therapeutics — an emerging company that is developing the next generation of long-acting, programmable mRNA therapies that can deliver precise, multi-functional, and potentially curative treatments in a single dose of cancer immunotherapy and other illnesses.

Mike Ward, Global Head of Life Sciences and Healthcare Thought Leadership Clarivate “Success in mRNA-based vaccines targeting COVID-19 has shined an spotlight on the potential of RNA technology for other illnesses. Pharmaceutical companies are eager to discover future generations of RNA-based technologies that can deliver the next generation of treatments that could provide superior treatments.”

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Lynn Yoffee, Publisher, BioWorld stated: “Because RNA is known to directly control vital cellular processes, improper regulation of different processes that cause diseases has resulted in an increasing amount of research, and there are numerous therapeutic strategies being explored by these companies , and many more.

BioWorld has been following the progress and development of biopharma companies with new ventures for over three decades. The time to develop a product can be lengthy. However, the speed at the way mRNA technology has delivered vaccines against COVID-19 for example, demonstrates the importance of this technique. These seven companies are excellent examples of companies that use RNA to efficiently treat many ailments.”

The rapid growth of RNA technology is evident through the dramatic increase in knowledge of science as well as deal-making potential in the last few years.

Between 2010 and 2020, there was a surge in patents issued globally increased by 52% and the amount of RNA-related research publications increased by 160 percentage from 2012 to 2021.1 Additionally that both the United States and Mainland China are the leaders in RNA technological advancement as the pace of development of Mainland China accelerating.

Of the top 20 companies that have RNA-related patents worldwide that are based within Mainland China accounted for 41 percent of patents, being followed by United States (40%).2 RNA companies have to stand out in an ever-growing market by identifying the most appropriate market to help ensure longevity, and ultimately to maximize profits for patients and commercial growth.

The Methodology of an RNA Technology Companies to Watch Report

Clarivate analysts analyzed the evolving RNA landscape using a variety of private data sources such as: BioWorld(tm), Cortellis Deals Intelligence(tm) and Derwent Innovation(tm) The Web of Science(tm) as well as other sources from the industry, such as company announcements, filings , and peer-reviewed papers.

Clarivate analysts and experts weighed firms based on various aspects such as scientific, business and medical problems these companies are trying to address; in need of treatment or burden of disease that their solutions are designed to alleviate the issue; whether the company proved its the concept and has achieved important developmental milestones; its position on the clinical stage; connections with renowned academic and scientific institutions; financial standing that includes funding secured through relationships with institutional and industrial investors, runways for financial growth and the potential for future partnerships or fundraising and the ownership and status in the IP ownership and status (IP) inheritance.

It is important to note that Clarivate produced data in this report reflect results prior to October 21 2022. Its RNA Technology Companies to Watch is based on the current expectations based on the current information, however the actual results from the companies mentioned on the Report and elsewhere could differ.

About BioWorld

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