Americans tell what they want from President Biden for Christmas, Solving the COVID crisis

Americans tell what they want from President Biden for Christmas , Solving the COVID crisis and finishing wall at southern border-top asks for Christmas 

For Christmas, Americans have asked President Biden for a solution to the Covid-19 pandemic and a scheme at the southern border.

Chad told Fox News, “If I can ask for a gift for the American people? Resign. The second that he said open the borders, it’s like, are you that dumb?” Don, from Washington, said: “I want [Biden] to make this America great again. I am totally a Trump person, but I go along with anything as long as we can get something straight.” He went on to add, “They need to put up the border wall and finish it.”

Data about the Immigrant Population 

Recent stats from the census show that the total immigrant population, including both legal and illegal, in the US reached 46.2 million in November, the highest ever recorded in the history of America.

Biden extends Federal Student Loan Repayments through May 1

People’s Comments and Reactions

Larry from Arizona asked, “Why did we quit building the wall? It worked.”

Becky, from Washington, told Fox News she thought Biden was doing an “OK” job. She wished everyone to farewell and for Biden to “get rid of this COVID stuff.” Bill, from Washington, wants Biden to “get the Senate to work together somehow.” He said, “Good luck, but yeah, that’s it.”

According to a joint NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist College study, hardly 41% of Americans say they approve of the work President Biden has been doing. 

Larry concluded by saying, “I’d probably ask [Biden] to wake up.”

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