Wizards’ Deni Avdija, the NBA’s only Jewish player, discusses Kyrie Irving’s controversy

Washington : Wizards’ Deni Avdija is the sole Jewish athlete on the NBA roster.

The Brooklyn Nets suspending star Kyrie Irving for at most five games because he refused to “unequivocally declare that he does not have antisemitic views, or acknowledge any specific antisemitic content in the film” entitled “Hebrews to Negroes “Wake up Black America,” Avdija made a statement. Wizards’ Deni Avdija

Wizards' Deni Avdija

Wizards’ Deni Avdija: Jewish player

“There should (be) the consequences of the acts that players commit. It’s important to make it clear that there is no room for such words,” Avdija, a third-year player, said to reporters following Brooklyn’s victory by 128-86 over Washington on Friday.

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Avdija, born in Israel to an Jewish mother and father who were born in Yugoslavia was the top draft choice from Israel after the Wizards picked him as number. 9 in 2020. Wizards’ Deni Avdija

“I believe he committed an error,” Avdija said. “But it is important to realize that the way he sets an example for the public and people admire him. You are free to think what you like, be as creative as you want, (but) I don’t think it’s appropriate to put your thoughts out and make public statements about it. this – and the little ones who come after you, you’ll be able to see it, and then generations that follow to believe that way – because it’s not real. I don’t think that’s fair.

“Hopefully the man is sorry for what he’s done.

“I am a huge fan of my heritage. I love my country and it’s quite disturbing to hear about some things concerning your religion.” Wizards’ Deni Avdija

The Wizards every year host the annual Jewish Heritage night and have Twitter and Instagram accounts in Hebrew for Israeli fans. Wizards’ Deni Avdija


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