Why Does Country Singer Marty Stuart Always Wear a Scarf?

Find the story behind the classic and iconic style statement of Marty Stuart’s scarf, as why does Marty Stuart always wear a scarf?

Marty Stuart needs no introduction as he is a legend in country music. Whenever one may think of Marty Stuart, we immediately think back to the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the legend was on the top of all music charts with his songs like “Hillbilly Rock” and “Western Girls”.

Why Does Country Singer Marty Stuart Always Wear a Scarf?
Why Does Country Singer Marty Stuart Always Wear a Scarf?

Marty has undoubtedly established himself as one of the greatest legends of country music throughout his decades-long music career. Even though some of his songs are well-known; he still exudes a certain aura of mystery. When you think of Marty Stuart, another thing that comes to mind right away is his recognizable scarf. People usually question “why does Marty Stuart always wear a scarf?” In almost all of his pictures from his tours, he is spotted wearing a scarf.

Why does Marty Stuart always wear a scarf?

To begin, we want to make it clear that Marty Stuart is free to choose whether or not to always wear a scarf. He doesn’t have to wear it for anything, and honestly, we think he looks great in it. We just want to know why it seems like a scarf is a legend always go-to accessory. Marty’s fashion sense has been the subject of numerous rumors over the years. It has been questioned whether he wears scarves to cover up scars or a birthmark. However, even though Marty typically wears a scarf, there are numerous online images of him without one, and none of them reveal anything that someone might want to conceal.

It would appear that Marty’s scarf is a style statement for the legend. Country singers like Gene Autry (known as “the Singing Cowboy”) and Roy Rogers have worn scarves for a long time. Marty, like some of the earliest country-western singers, wears a scarf. Marty made an appearance on an episode of The Porter Wagoner Show as a young person. Even we have seen Porter Wagoner wear the scarf from time to time. So in this, it implies that Marty is simply adhering to the custom or tradition of country music.

Why Does Country Singer Marty Stuart Always Wear a Scarf?
Why Does Country Singer Marty Stuart Always Wear a Scarf?

Throughout his career, Marty has not been the only major fashion decision-maker. He and his fellow country singer Travis Tritt went on the road tour named “No Hats tour” from 1991 -1992. If they were all known for earning cowboy hats, new country singers were referred to as “hat acts” at the time.

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In one of his interviews with the Country Fever Magazine, Travis stated, that was a little discouraging to us, because they were just as strong as anything else out there at the time, and they didn’t wear hats, and they were not hat acts. Since they do not wear cowboy hats, he thinks Marty’s manager had come up with the same idea for the “No Hats tour”. They all adored their logo, which featured a cowboy hat in with a slash through it, similar to the Ghostbusters concept. The fans took a liking to it, so it seemed to stick. Marty still does not wear a hat till the time but he is never seen without his iconic trademark of wearing a scarf.


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