WATCH: Surveillance footage shows porch pirate stealing Houston couple’s wedding mementos

Surveillance footage shows a porch pirate stealing a Houston couple’s wedding mementos as mentioned by the newlywed Houston couple.

When a newlywed Houston couple arrived at their Montrose home on October 9, they discovered that a porch pirate had taken several wedding gifts and mementos from the front gate.

An individual wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt can be seen calmly approaching the couple’s front gate, stealing their valuables from a box, and then fleeing the scene in surveillance footage of the theft.

The suspect was noted by Internet users to have a slight limp.Click2Houston says those seven hours after the items were delivered, the theft occurred.

WATCH: Surveillance footage shows porch pirate stealing Houston couple’s wedding mementos
WATCH: Surveillance footage shows porch pirate stealing Houston couple’s wedding mementos

After returning to their Houston home on October 9, the couple, Katie and Max Degwitz, was able to view the surveillance footage. The items from their wedding in Sedona, Arizona, reportedly needed to be shipped home before they could leave for their honeymoon in Hawaii.

According to Iheart, Katie and Max Degwitz have reported the incident to Houston police. They also decided to release surveillance footage of the theft in the hope that the suspect will return their belongings if enough people see it.

Katie Degwitz stated in an interview with local media that the priceless items included her wedding dress and veil, as well as several photographs of the ceremony.

She stated,

“The cloak. I would not have shared that information. So that part is bad. The same goes for the dress. But then there are the pictures. We do not have any additional copies of those images.

She added,

“The only picture I had of one of my grandparents’ weddings and my parents’ wedding was in that box.”

In Texas, everything is bigger, especially this news. We frequently discuss “porch pirates,” and Texas Governor Greg Abbott is currently attempting to put an end to the robbers by signing a bill making package theft a felony in his state. The number of stolen items affects the punishment. Thoughts?!

Max Degwitz gave an interview to reporters in the area about his thoughts on the situation and emphasized the brazenness of the theft. He stated,

He took a few of them, chose one to carry, and then left with it. Similar to that. No remorse. With the majority of these items or any of them, he is useless. However, it does have a significant value to us.

Max added that even though they might not be able to replace every wedding memento they lost; raising awareness of the situation might deter future porch pirates:

Crime roundup: Gas station employee arrested for theft

“There’s a lot of satisfaction in just that if we can prevent this from happening to someone else,” the author asserts.

Unfortunately, package theft from porches is very common in Houston. One in five Americans has reported having a package stolen from their front porch, according to the Houston Law Review. According to the publication, approximately 1.7 million packages are stolen each day in the United States.


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