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US Course Completed by 635 Ukrainian Troops

US Course Completed by 635 Ukrainian Troops

US Course Completed by 635 Ukrainian Troops

Friday’s Pentagon statement said that the first class of 635 Ukrainian fighters had completed a five-week intensive U.S. training course, which was held in Germany. It focused on advanced combat skills and armored vehicles. These will be crucial in the forthcoming spring offensive against Russia.

Brig. Brig. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visited the base to witness the completion of the first class. This was his first opportunity to see the Ukrainian soldiers being trained there.

The base welcomed the first group of Ukrainian troops Jan. 15. They were given an intensive course to prepare them for taking Bradley fighting vehicles and M109 Paladins into battle. Two of the armored vehicles and tanks the U.S. and its allies have promised to provide support to the Ukrainians in their efforts to break through the Russian troops lines are the Bradleys and Paladins. The Paladin is an auto-propelled howitzer, which runs on tracks instead of wheels.

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Ryder stated that another battalion from Ukrainian troops started training on the Bradley fighting car two weeks ago and that a field artillery regiment began instruction on the Paladin.

These two units together make up approximately 710 troops. A Stryker battalion and another field artillery unit will begin training next week. It will involve approximately 890 troops. This will be the first Ukrainian battalion that receives training on the Stryker, an armoured personnel carrier.

Defense leaders cite the new training program as key to increasing Ukraine’s ability launch a coordinated offensive. It teaches its military how to move and coordinate its battalion-sized units in battle using combined armor and ground forces.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president, has repeatedly urged Western allies to speed up their military support. Zelenskyy spoke Friday at a Munich international security conference, claiming that Russia would benefit from delays as it approaches its first anniversary.

U.S. Army General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said that the new skills would better prepare the Ukrainian troops for any Russian attack.

US Course Completed by 635 Ukrainian Troops

He said that this was not a routine rotation when he met with U.S. commanders. This is one of those moments where you can make a difference if it is the right moment in your life.

Training is provided by the 7th Army Training Command and includes classroom instruction, fieldwork, and larger combat exercises.

This image was provided by the U.S. Army. U.S. Army provides this image. Soldiers from Battery A of the 41st Field Artillery Regiment conduct live-fire drills using the M109 Paladins at Grafenwoehr Training Area on March 14, 2022. According to the Pentagon, the first class of 635 Ukrainian fighters completed a five-week intensive U.S. training course in Germany. This included advanced combat skills and armored vehicles including M109 Paladins. These will be crucial in the forthcoming spring offensive against Russia.

After a meeting of NATO defense ministers at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Wednesday February 15, 2023, Lloyd Austin, the United States Secretary of Defense, reads a statement.

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