Ukraine is awed by US military aid as cease-fire rumored to be in shambles

Ukraine is awed by US military aid as cease-fire rumored to be in shambles.

The Ukrainian president has praised his fellow citizens in the United States for including tank-killing vehicles in its most recent multibillion-dollar aid package for the military.

The Ukrainian president has praised the United States for including tank-killing armored vehicles as part of its latest multibillion-dollar aid package for the military and says they’re “exactly what is needed” for Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the face of Russian forces.

Officials also said it was unclear if Moscow adhered to the unilateral cease-fire that lasted 36 hours in celebration of Orthodox Christmas, which Ukraine has condemned as an attempt to sabotage.

The most recent multi-billion-dollar amount in U.S. military assistance announced Friday by the White House was the biggest ever announced for Kyiv. It was the first time that it was a package that included Bradley armored vehicles – often referred to as tank-killers for their anti-tank missiles.

In his evening address on telecast on Friday night, Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy praised it as “a very powerful package.”

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“For for the very first time in history, we’ll get Bradley armored vehicles. precisely what’s required. New rounds and guns with high-precision components and rockets that are new, as well as drones that are brand new. It’s timely and robust,” he said.

He expressed his gratitude to U.S. President Joe Biden, U.S. lawmakers and “all the Americans who appreciate freedom, and who know that freedom is worth protecting.”

Ukrainian authorities on Saturday stated that a temporary truce announced by Moscow for Orthodox Christmas seemed to be disregarded by a few of the troops who were pushing forward with its nearly 11-month-long assault.

In the highly contested Luhansk region in east Ukraine Regional Gov. Serhiy Haidai has reported on the continued Russian attacks and shelling. In a post on Telegram, Haidai said that within the first three hours following the cease-fire’s supposed commencement on Friday, for Orthodox Christmas Eve, Russian forces pounded Ukrainian posts 14 times and attacked a settlement 3 times. The report couldn’t be independently confirmed.

The Ministry of Defense in Britain is the largest source of military aid to Ukraine on Saturday, stating in its daily update regarding the conflict that “fighting has continued at a routine level into the Orthodox Christmas period.”

Ukraine is awed by US military aid as cease-fire rumored to be in shambles

The Russian Defense Ministry alleged Friday that Ukrainian forces continued to bombard their positions, and that its troops responded with fire but it wasn’t certain what the reported exchanges were either before or after the beginning of the cease-fire between Moscow and Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials have dismissed Moscow’s unilateral demand to suspend the pause for 36 hours as a scheme to give its warring forces enough time for regrouping. It was set to expire Saturday night by midnight Moscow time which means eleven p.m. in Kyiv, Ukrainian capital city, Kyiv.

Ukrainian as well as Western officials have portrayed this announcement to be an effort by Putin to gain moral high ground, perhaps attempting to grab the initiative on the battlefield and deprive Ukrainians of the momentum they gained during their counter offensives in recent months.


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