The Infrastructure bill will provide more money to Soo Locks construction

The Infrastructure bill will provide more money to Soo Locks construction

Federal funds will flow into the lock construction development located in Sault Ste. Marie following it was announced that the U.S. The Senate on Thursday approved the final version of the broad Pentagon spending bill, which included the request of the Army Corps of Engineers for an increase in funding authorizations for the project.

The Detroit Free Press The year-long National Defense Authorization Act that will be sent to the president Joe Biden for his signature is an expansive $858 billion package that provides the 4.6 percent increase in the pay of military personnel, and removes commanders from prosecutorial proceedings for sexual assault, and repeals in the face of Biden’s objections the requirement that soldiers must have the COVID-19 vaccine.

The legislation also grants the approval that allows the Corps to invest up to $3.2 billion to build the brand new Soo Lock under construction in Sault Ste. Marie.

The Corps had sought authorization that exceeded the initial $922 million because of delays due to design changes as well as labor shortages, inflation and other causes. Congress must still approve the funds for every stage of the program moving forward.

The project previously had its authorization raised up to $1.4 billion. A different provision in the bill allows the Corps the ability to temporarily increase the amount of money it has authorized when needed and if additional funding is authorized.

“In Michigan, we know how crucial it is that the (Soo) Locks are to our national defense and our economy,” said U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Michigan who was a key player in the battle to get the authorization. 

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“We are also aware that we’re in a state of borrowing the time to wait until something goes wrong that stops them from operating. There is complete commitment from Congress and members of the Army Corps of Engineers and the administration to complete the work we began.”

U.S. Rep. John Moolenaar from Midland, a Republican who serves on the House Appropriations Committee and who voted in favor of the bill to authorize defense as it was approved by the House this week, stated that he’d “be trying to ensure that Congress makes use of this authorization to include money for the construction of locks in future funding bills.

These locks are essential for the American economy and I’ll be working hard to ensure that the Army Corps of Engineers finishes this crucial construction project.”

The Infrastructure bill will provide more money to Soo Locks construction

In The Free Press, it appeared that the Biden administration had arranged for the final funding required to complete the lock earlier in the year.

It is among two locks that are large enough to allow the largest cargo vessels that sail across the Great Lakes to pass between Lake Superior and the St. Marys River which connects up to Lake Huron and the lower Lakes beyond by lifting or lowering them by 21 feet.

The only lock currently big enough to permit this is over 53 years old, and research suggests that if the lock were damaged and shut for a long period in time, the lock would seriously impact the economy.

Carrie Fox, spokeswoman for the Army Corps’ Detroit District The project is on track for completion by the year 2030 contingent on whether there is required funds.

The bill also provides the funding needed for a variety of other important water infrastructure projects in Michigan. The Water Resources Development Act authorizes various projects, including the prevention of carp invasion, flooding and erosion at the shoreline and improving water quality in Michigan.

The Infrastructure bill will provide more money to Soo Locks construction

One of the most significant aspects of the law is that it authorizes the building of the lock for the future at more expensive cost than was previously authorized. Plans on the building of a brand new modernized lock was initiated in the year 1986. 

The plan has expanded and the construction plans are continuing to evolve too. In the year 2018, The U.S. The Army Corps of Engineers approved the project at a cost that was updated to $922,432,000

Due to significant cost rises in a variety of sectors, economic slowdown as well as the rise in inflation, among other problems, the cost to construct the lock has increased significantly since it was approved in the year 2018. Starting with the price increases in the supply chain as a result of COVID-19. The estimated cost for finishing the work on the lock’s construction has increased by more than three times.

“Most of the cost increase results from economic conditions, COVID-related issues, inflation, and in the process of attracting labor which requires a change to the method of funding it, and creating a security for future increases in costs,” said Fox.

In order to finish work on the lock before the time scheduled for 2030 the total cost of the project has grown to $3,218,944,000. Because of the substantial cost increase as well as the fact that the Corps has to be authorized to reauthorize to receive the funding needed.

“This law and its authorization actually allows the project to continue to receive an efficient budget even after the recent price increases,” said Fox.

The contract to build the 3rd stage of construction has been granted. In the event that the bill is passed officials have said that the lock will start construction as soon as next week.

While this is happening the Locks are in the process of preparing to prepare for the annual winter closure. MacArthur Lock MacArthur Lock will be closing to vessels for four months from December. 17.

The closure will be in effect beginning at 7 a.m. 17 December. 17 until 12:00 a.m. 24 April 2023, while it is being maintained. MacArthur Lock undergoes critical maintenance.

“The 800-foot MacArthur Lock, built in 1943, is now 79 years old. The maintenance interval is crucial to keep the lock operating throughout the shipping season,” said Maintenance Branch Chief Nicholas Pettit in a press announcement.

This maintenance needs to be done annually to ensure the locks remain operational This is why this Corps of Engineers uses the long winter time to carry out the maintenance.

It is expected that the Poe Lock however will remain open until January. 15th or when the commercial traffic stops when it happens first. The operating season is set by federal regulation in order to avoid snow conditions in the coldest months of the year.


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