The best Borderlands games in order

Find the borderlands 3 DLC ranking from the list described below, we have ranked the borderlands 2 DLcs in order of demand among its users.

It very well may be difficult to accept yet the first Borderlands started this darling series over 10 years prior back in 2009. Here, we will discuss the borderlands pre sequel-wise owl or borderlands 3 DLC ranking. From that point forward the series has set up a good foundation for itself as a staple of many gamers’ assortments, its vivid and innovative universes loaded up with vast firearms offer all that you might at any point request from an RPG looter shooter, regardless of the number of you’ve played previously. However, past the interesting art style and the interminable assortment of weapons for players to browse, Borderlands additionally offers a brilliant story that is engaging as it is sensational. None of the games in the series at any point incredibly view anything for any longer than they need to for the story to work, which makes them extraordinary fun as well as a reviving change from the serious tone provided to the shooters.

The best Borderlands games in order

Number 7 goes to Borderlands Legends

The best Borderlands games in order
The best Borderlands games in order

Most Borderlands games are notable and very much regarded – Borderlands Legends, nonetheless, are neither of those things. This iOS-select game consolidates the activity RPG and methodology classes involving a hierarchical view as players control the first game’s party of Brick, Roland, Lilith, and Mordecai.

The game has never gotten gleaming surveys, part of the way on the grounds that a ton of what made Borderlands so extraordinary was lost in the progress to mobile. Regardless of that, the center thought of the game held up to investigation, and another, more refined endeavor later down the line might have made it work. At last, however, the game has been taken out from the App Store without any indications of Borderlands making a re-visitation of versatile mobile gaming from now on.

Number 6 goes to Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 are in no way, shape, or form a terrible game regardless of what many would have you think. Its interactivity is the absolute most refined you in the entire series with an astonishing assortment of weapons and foes spread all through the game. The primary disadvantage, in any case, is the composition of the Calypso Twins.

The typically comedic composing of the Borderlands series falls strangely level concerning these two characters, which wouldn’t be an issue in the event that they weren’t the game’s essential bad guys. Be that as it may, in the event that you wouldn’t fret a smidgen of wince commendable composing once in a while, Borderlands 3 is as yet a decent game, simply not the most ideal the series brings to the table.

Number 5 goes to Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep


The best Borderlands games in order

Initially, a DLC for Borderlands 2, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep was delivered as an independent game in 2021 to move toward the arrival of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in 2022. The game Borderlands 2’s characters assume the test of a dreamland motivated by tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons.

The game’s blend of Borderlands’ incredible composition and reliably great ongoing interaction makes for a massively engaging encounter, though one that is somewhat more limited than you would presumably like. Yet, when a game like this leaves you needing more, you know it merits the cash, regardless of whether a few sections simply have neither rhyme nor reason.

Number 4 goes to the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Fitting an entire in the middle between two existing titles is much of the time a precarious errand – there are a ton of story factors that have still up in the air by the current games, however, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel pulls it off well. As the name recommends, this passage is significantly more a prequel to Borderlands 2 than a continuation of the first game. The game permits players to assume the jobs of recognizable characters like Athena and Claptrap as they witness Handsome Jack’s ascent to drive and the occasions that lead up to Borderlands 2. The ongoing interaction is the precisely exact thing you would anticipate from Borderlands however with a couple of fun twists contort that cleaned the equation up after the first two games.

Number 3 goes to the Tales from the Borderlands

The best Borderlands games in order
The best Borderlands games in order

Stories from the Borderlands are a side project section into the Borderlands series from Telltale Games. It utilized Telltale’s signature roundabout organization, delivering five sections between November (2014) and October (2015). Every episode recounted the tale of Rhys and Fiona as they retell the story, though with a truly questionable degree of precision.

The game is a tremendous takeoff from the other Borderlands games in its interactivity as it utilizes a story-weighty, decision-driven approach as opposed to the typical FPS mechanics utilized by the remainder of the series. In any case, don’t let that put you off, as this is conceivably perhaps the most clever game in the whole series and you’re passing up a major opportunity in the event that you have never played it.

Number 2 goes to the Borderlands

The first Borderlands is an astonishing game. It must be to get going such an astonishing series. Players show up in the universe of Pandora and are given a decision of four characters to play as, each with their arrangement of exceptional capacities going from a direct warrior the whole way to a close otherworldly Siren. Joined with the countless weapons in the game, it was remarkably difficult for two players to play the same way. On top of the fun interactivity, the particular and uncommon humor found in the game’s composing gave a reviving change from the more serious games delivered around a similar time. Also, the mix of these two things made this 2009 delivery remarkable, yet not exactly the best the series brings to the table.

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Number 1 on the list of borderlands 3 DLC ranking goes to Borderlands 2

The best Borderlands games in order
The best Borderlands games in order

The best Borderlands game is an elevated title to hold and there’s no game more meriting it than Borderlands 2. It is an interesting illustration of a spin-off that figured out how to convey a better encounter than the first despite the nature of the main Borderlands game. It didn’t change a tremendous sum because the recipe functioned admirably, however the refinements that were had immensely affected the game’s general quality. Furthermore, Handsome Jack is an excellent bad guy all through the whole game, ensuring there will never be one where you feel like the fundamental story is trivial. He furnishes the players with inspiration and objectives as they battle against him while likewise keeping the game engaging, and is at last what sets Borderlands 2 over its predecessors.


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