Texas man detained in Russia for months due to political purposes

Over six months after Texan dad David Barnes was captured by Russian specialists, his family is calling on authorities in Washington to accomplish other things to attempt to work with his delivery. “David is an extremely caring and sympathetic individual,” his sister, Carol Barnes, told ABC News. To know everything regarding the Texas man detained in Russia for months due to political purposes then read the full article.

David Barnes has been detained since January in a Moscow jail. He is one of many Americans detained in Russia, yet in contrast to Brittney Griner, Paul Whelan, or Marc Fogel, Moscow policing claimed that he participated in a criminal action in the United States – a charge that has confounded his family individuals, US prosecutors and presently, his neighborhood congressman.

In Russia, for political purposes, Mr. Barnes was captured and detained for several months, and Rep. Kevin Brady told ABC News in a proclamation that his office is working with the State Department to return him once again to Texas at the earliest opportunity and they continue to encourage the Biden administration to make every effort to determine what is happening and delivery Mr. Barnes.”

Texas Man Detained in Russia
Texas Man Detained in Russia

According to his family.

In August 2020, a Montgomery County judge marked a request appointing David Barnes as the sole boss curator of his youngsters, which gave him the option to choose his kids’ main living place, settle on conclusions about their schooling, address them in legitimate activities, and have their travel papers. Barnes’ ex is herself needed in the United States for interfering with childcare after she escaped with the youngsters in 2019.

Brady said that David Barnes headed out to Russia in a fair endeavor to find his youngsters, who had been grabbed by their mom and wrongfully taken to Russia. In addition to it, he also said that “This is a youngster custody debate, not a criminal case.” Texas Man Detained in Russia.

Courtesy of Carol Barnes

On January 13, Russian investigators captured Barnes in Moscow, accusing him of abusing his two kids years sooner in Texas, according to interpretations of court archives.

Comparative charges against Barnes were brought before Texas specialists by his ex Svetlana Koptyaeva during their long and caustic separation proceedings. The claims were investigated in 2018 by the Department of Family and Protective Services, which tracked down insufficient proof to validate them and excused the case without any findings of misuse or charges against Barnes.

“Right now, there are no Montgomery County charges that we know about that would permit Mr. Barnes to be detained,” Kelly Blackburn of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office told ABC News in May.

A representative for the Harris County prosecutor’s office said in May that David Barnes likewise had not been charged in any youngster misuse cases. Agents from the US Embassy in Moscow have met with David Barnes since his capture, according to messages between his family and the State Department. Nonetheless, Brady’s remarks mark whenever a chosen official first has said openly that David Barnes’ detainment in Russia is for “political purposes”.




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