Bad Vegan: What Happened to Shane Fox? Where is He Now?

In the mid-2000s, New York vegan restaurant Sarma Melngailis met Shane Fox on Twitter. Melngailis was attracted to Fox because of his associations with her old buddy, entertainer Alec Baldwin, and his character, which she makes sense of in Netflix’s most recent genuine wrongdoing narrative Shane Fox Bad Vegan: Fame, Extortion, Escapees.

Notwithstanding, Fox was not the man he said he was. His genuine name was Anthony Strangis and he was an indicted criminal and conman who had spent time in jail for terrific burglary and mimicking a cop. Notwithstanding knowing reality with regards to his genuine personality, Melngailis remained with Strangis, and in December 2012, they sealed the deal.

Shane Fox Bad Vegan

Things didn’t end joyfully ever after for the couple and in 2016, they were both captured on charges of misrepresentation. Bad Vegan on Netflix hears the stunning genuine story from Melngailis, and watchers need to know more about Strangis and where he is now. Newsweek has all that you really want to know.

What Befell Shane Fox/Anthony Strangis?

In 2011, following quite a while of a message informing and late-night calls, Anthony Strangis, then going by the name Shane Fox, met vegan restauranter Sarma Melngailis face to face. Shane Fox Bad Vegan.

Shane Fox Bad Vegan

Melngailis in Bad Vegan admitted Fox appeared to be somewhat unique from his photos online yet the pair hit it off immediately and immediately became indivisible.

Following a couple of months, staff at Melngailis’ café Pure Food and Wine became worried about his domineering presence in the workplace and eatery, particularly when he called the workplace on a telephone and expressed the name, Anthony Strangis.

Suspicious, staff Googled the name, just to view the man they accepted as Shane Fox’s mugshot. They found he had convictions for imitating a cop and for an excellent burglary in Florida subsequent to taking a game vehicle.

Strangis told Melngailis (and past accomplices, including his ex Stacy Avery), about his criminal past and furthermore asserted he had filled in as a Navy SEAL who was now working for the dark operations. This implied he needed to keep the majority of his life a gigantic mystery, subsequently, the name changed to Shane Fox Bad Vegan.

Utilizing the phony story he was working for the U.S. government, Strangis had the option to persuade Melngailis to send him a huge number of dollars for his insurance, which she did and things advanced tragically from that point.

He persuaded Melngailis that he was working for “The Family” and that he was pursuing a new ideal world, where Melngailis’ canine Leon would be godlike, and her crude vegan eatery would be an overall achievement.

Melngailis makes sense in Bad Vegan how Strangis guaranteed they would ultimately go to a “fantastical, otherworldly future where my canine will reside perpetually and this reality didn’t exactly make any difference since it would be generally reset to an ideal world of some kind.”

Melngailis trusted Strangis’ cases and for her fantasies of Leon’s interminability and eatery achievement, she needed to do all that he asked, including wiring a considerable number of dollars and finishing tests. He likewise alluded to the weight he acquired as a “meat suit” that he needed to have as a feature of the “test” to be shipped to a different universe. Shane Fox Bad Vegan.

Shane Fox Bad Vegan

Strangis additionally acted like a man named Will Richards, who approached the entirety of Melngailis’ private data and subtleties, meaning he had the option to follow where she was consistent.

Somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2014, Strangis had the option to con Melngailis out of $1.6 million. She had moved the cash from her business records to her own record. Strangis didn’t require the cash for his security, all things being equal, he had spent it at gambling clubs and on extravagant things, for example, watches and costly inns, as per the authority prosecution.

Whenever Melngailis couldn’t pay her staff, property manager, and merchants, the representatives at Pure Food and Wine left not one, however, two events, constraining the café to shut down. After Pure Food and Wine’s financial backers alarmed the specialists, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office accused Strangis and Melngailis of extortion for taking almost $2 million and abusing work regulations in 2015.

They were likewise blamed for taking $844,000 from four financial backers, duping workers of more than $40,000 in wages, and neglecting to pay more than $400,000 in deals charges, as indicated by the arraignment. Whenever seen as blameworthy, they looked as long as 15 years in jail. Strangis and Melngailis then went on the run for quite some time and were ultimately captured at lodging in Sevierville, Tennessee, when Strangis requested a Domino’s Pizza under his own name.

Where is Shane Fox/Anthony Strangis Now?

Shane Fox Bad Vegan

Anthony Strangis took a request bargain in 2017, conceding to four includes of great theft in the fourth degree. He was condemned to one year in prison and five years probation. He was likewise expected to pay $840,000 in compensation, reports Bustle. Shane Fox Bad Vegan.

Melngailis acknowledged a supplication bargain and served four months in jail and got five months probation. Altogether, Strangis burned through one year and three days imprisoned on Rikers Island. In May 2018, Melngailis and Strangis divorced. Sadly, very little is known about Strangis’ location today. He is accepted to carry out his five-year assessment, which closes this May, in his home territory of Massachusetts.

At the hour of his delivery from jail, Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Danny Chun cautioned Strangis that he could serve another five-to-15 years on fabulous burglary charges if he somehow managed to abuse his probation, reports The New York Post.


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