Sarah Herron’s baby died with her dad in the wake of his premature Birth “We We Love You We Love You So Much”

Sarah Herron is grieving over the loss of her newborn son, who passed away just a few hours after her birth, when she was at 24 weeks gestation.

On Wednesday the 36-year-old Bachelor Alum posted an emotional blog post in which she revealed the death of her baby boy.

“On January 28, 24, our sweet baby Oliver Brown was born,” she wrote within her post caption. ” He died within the loving arms of our father two minutes after.”

In a carousel that moves, Herron shared a photo with her child on her chest , while her husband Dylan Brown kisses her forehead by placing his hands on hers.

Sarah Herron's baby died

The photos she decided to share contained some of the most memorable experiences from her birth, including getting for a swim alongside turtles an excursion to the beach, as well as cuddling her new puppy. The collection concludes with a photograph showing Brown hugging her forehead while she weeps in her hospital mattress.

“There aren’t any words to describe the depth of pain and loss that we’re feeling. It’s beautiful and tragic at the same time,” she wrote.

One of Oliver’s best attributes, Herron said, “He was wearing my nose as well as his dad’s mouth and also large hands.”

“Oliver Herron and IVF miracle” “Our IVF miracle was able to overcome all odds and went through a series of challenging steps to arrive here but the bigger powers didn’t have any other plans for the three members of our family,” Herron said.

Herron acknowledged that although the time she spends together with Oliver was “short,” she is “grateful” for the time they spent together while they were expecting.

“He has provided us with a many insights into the reality regarding love, love, and death. Oliver has given our homes and hearts with plenty of love and, most important optimism,” she wrote. “The The stars aligned to give Baby Oliver with a deep and meaningful purpose that is more than we can ever imagine. The size of his body was not significant, but its impact is greater than we.”


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