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Russia claims U.S. lowers nuclear threshold by deploying new nuclear bombs across Europe.

Russia claims U.S. lowers nuclear threshold by deploying new nuclear bombs

Russia has said that on Saturday the rapid use of the new U.S. B61 nuclear tactical weapons to NATO bases across Europe will reduce the “nuclear threshold” and that Russia will take this move into account when it comes to military strategy.

Russia’s incursion into Ukraine has brought about the biggest conflict with Moscow with the West since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis when the two Cold War superpowers came closest to nuclear war.

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Russia has around 2,000 operational nuclear weapons, and the United States has around 200 nuclear weapons, about half of which are in locations located in Italy, Germany, Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Politico said in the report that the United States told a closed NATO meeting that it will speed up the introduction of an upgraded variant of the B61 The B61-12 with the new guns being delivered to European bases in the month of December some months earlier than originally planned.

Russia claims U.S. lowers nuclear threshold by deploying new nuclear bombs

“We can’t overlook the plans of modernizing the nuclear weapon, especially those free-fall bombs present in Europe,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko told state RIA news agency.

The B61-12 gravity bomb of 12 feet is equipped with the lowest yield nuclear warhead as compared to earlier models, however it is more precise and can go below the earth according to research conducted done by The Federation of American Scientists.

“The United States is modernizing these weapons, increasing their accuracy and decreasing the power of nuclear charge. In other words they transform these weapons into “battlefield weapons,” which reduces the threshold for nuclear weapons,” Grushko said.

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