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SS Rajamouli expresses his sorrow over the passing of RRR star Ray Stevenson while recalling the actor’s contagious vibrancy on the set, saying, “Ray Brought In So Much Energy.”

SS Rajamouli expresses his sorrow

The Irish actor Ray Stevenson may have played the villainous British Raj governor of Delhi in the film ‘RRR,’ but he was a much-loved man on the sets, as seen by S.S. Rajamouli’s tribute to him on the occasion of his passing.

“Shocking,” the creator of ‘RRR’ wrote in a tweet. “I simply cannot accept these rumors. Ray provided an incredible amount of vitality and excitement to the settings where he was working. It spread like wildfire. It was a complete pleasure to work with him. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. We pray that God will grant him eternal rest.

Ray Stevenson

started his career in the 1990s by making guest appearances on television series. He then started landing action roles in Hollywood blockbusters starting in the 2000s, with his most famous role being Volstagg in the ‘Thor’ franchise of Marvel Comics.

In the action picture ‘King Arthur’ directed by Antoine Fuqua and released in 2004, Ray Stevenson made his debut in the character of Dagonet, one of the legendary Knights of the Round Table. This was Stevenson’s first major cinematic role. According to ‘Variety,’ his on-screen persona makes heroic self-sacrifice throughout the conflict in order to assist Arthur (Clive Owen) and his band of comrades in arms.

According to “Variety,” Ray Stevenson was cast as the titular mercenary, also known as Frank Castle, in the Marvel film “Punisher: War Zone,” which was released in 2008. Stevenson had a leading role in the film.

Stevenson had a starring role in the upcoming action-adventure limited series ‘Ahsoka,’ which is a spin-off of ‘The Mandalorian,’ which is part of the Star Wars universe. Stevenson passed away before the series could air. Baylan Skoll, a former Jedi who evaded Order 66 by fleeing into the Unknown Regions, was the character that he played in the Star Wars franchise. Shin considers him a master, and Thrawn considers him a trusted comrade. This was going to be his final performance.


By Helen E. Blake

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