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Monday’s Powerball drawing didn’t have a winner, so the prize grew to $725 million.

Powerball drawing

 Powerball drawing

However, before you toss your ticket away just yet, you should be aware that there were a few others who won prizes that were not as significant as the ones you received.

Because of this, the prize pool for the Power Play option was increased to one hundred thousand dollars because two tickets that were purchased in Texas matched four of the five numbers as well as the Powerball.

In addition, a person from Iowa was awarded $2 million, and a person from California was awarded $1 million.

On Wednesday, the next drawing for the enormous Powerball jackpot will take place, and the astonishing jackpot will be worth $725 million.

It is the seventh-highest amount that has ever been won in a drawing for the Powerball jackpot.

By Fredric M. Wiseman

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