Ozzy Osbourne cancels all shows He says that his stage career is done

Ozzy Osbourne cancels all shows He says that his stage career is done.

Ozzy Osbourne announced the cancellation of his shows in the near future, and claimed that his tour ended because Ozzy Osbourne “is in no physical condition (of the task).”

In an announcement released this Wednesday 74-year old said there was a major accident four years ago , in which the spine was damaged and the fact that he’s unable to be able to travel to take part in a trip.

“My primary and sole goal in this period has been to return to the scene,” He said. “My singing voice is fine. But, even after three surgeries stem cell treatments as well as endless physical therapy and the most recent breakthrough Cybernics (HAL) treatment My body is in a weak state physically.”

In his professional life – that began when he was a part of the pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath – Osbourne won Grammy Awards for both his solo efforts and as part of the group which he quit in 1978.

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Osbourne put off his 2019 tour to recuperate from his first spinal injury. He also stated on Wednesday, when Osbourne announced his tour was canceled in the wake of his spinal injury, that Osbourne was “honestly humbled by the manner in which you’ve held on to your tickets all the time.”

Ozzy Osbourne cancels all shows He says that his stage career is done

The final show of his European as well as UK tour was scheduled to start with Helsinki, Finland in May.

The legend of heavy metal has faced a number of health-related setbacks in recent years, finally revealing the existence of Parkinson’s disease in January of 2020. He was diagnosed with the disease Covid-19 by April 20, 2022 before having surgery two months later.

Osbourne’s group, he stated in his statement that they are “currently developing concepts for how I’ll be able perform my duties without the hassle of traveling from country city and from country to.”

He concluded the statement by thanking his band, family crew, friends from long time, Judas Priest and his supporters “for their unending commitment, loyalty, and love, as well as for giving me a life I’ve never thought I would live.”


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