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New platform for hospitality commerce launched by start-up

New platform for hospitality commerce launched by start-up

New platform for hospitality commerce launched by start-up

Fanz, a hospitality technology startup, has released its new full-suite commerce platform. It includes digital products for marketing and payments, loyalty, ordering, ordering, and guest feedback.

Fanz, a Hamburg-based company, helps hospitality companies activate their guests through marketing and upsell campaigns. It uses a guest AI engine to improve the efficiency of F&B operations and payments.

Hotels, restaurants, and other events can use one payment service to manage their online bookings as well as receive physical payments at the location. F&B ecommerce allows customers to upload digital menus. It also facilitates guest-initiated F&B orders and payments from any location on the property. The company claims that it also supports native loyalty, rewards and guest feedback programs. These are seamlessly integrated into each guest payment.

To facilitate intelligent, automated guest activation and communication, Fanz aggregates all guest data from F&B ordering and payment, PMS connectivity and loyalty.

Long-time veterans of trustyou and trivago, the team recognized the difficulties hoteliers faced in trying to restore normal operations following the crippling COVID lockdowns over the past two years.

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“Hoteliers face a huge challenge in providing exceptional service to their guests while facing an unprecedented staff shortage,” Ben Jost, early investor and chairman on the board (CEO, cofounder TrustYou). “Fanz is all about rich data, smart automation and integration. Each location should have a payment and ordering area.

Fanz makes loyalty a part of the payment process. Feedback is an integral part of the system and marketing campaigns can be run on autopilot. This will be a great option for many hoteliers and can also significantly improve the guest experience.

Fanz recently partnered up with Schottenhamel Festzelt (an oldest beer tent at the Munich Oktoberfest), to validate the proof-of-concept. This partnership allowed Fanz to test the technology in a variety of use cases.

New platform for hospitality commerce launched by start-up

Christian Schottenhamel Festzelt is the landlord. He said that fanz was used to power QR codes payments during the 2022 Oktoberfest. This was the first after the two previous years had been cancelled. We were really pleased with the way that the system worked.

Hotel Alpenwolke is a pilot hotel in Germany that offers self-service apartments. Flexibility was an essential requirement for the payment process. Fanz makes our payment process digital and independent thanks to it. It’s a hit with our guests,” stated Sven Menzel (Owner of Alpenwolke).

Jan Webering from technology investment firm Bauwens X GmbH stated that the potential value of a purposely built financial solution for hospitality is evident. It is a game-changer to have an easy-to implement payment technology that not just meets the existing needs of hospitality providers but also allows them to offer additional services to their guests. All this while requiring very little capital investment.

By Patsy S. Nielsen

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