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Meta acquires 3D smart glass maker Luxexcel

Meta acquires 3D smart glass maker Luxexcel

Meta acquires 3D smart glass maker Luxexcel.

Meta (formerly Facebook) has bought the Dutch-based company that makes 3D Smart Glass Luxexcel and is doubling down on its metaverse vision in 2023.

Luxexcel is able to integrate the components necessary to provide an AR (AR) experience with the lens of a prescription like holographic films and projectors, as reported by The Verge. Meta has not disclosed the amount it paid for the acquisition of the company.

We’re delighted to announce that our Luxexcel team is now part of Meta and is enhancing the existing collaboration between both firms,” Meta said in an announcement. Luxexcel’s 3D-printed prescription lenses can be put in AR glasses.

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In 2021, the company joined forces with WaveOptics which provides the display of Snap’s Spectacles. In the meantime, Meta has planned to stop its video-calling smart display “Portal” as well as its two smartwatches not yet launched and eliminate 11,000 positions.

On the company’s earnings call, Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the new, high-end VR headset will offer high-resolution mixed reality that blends virtual objects into the real environment surrounding the user.

Meta acquires 3D smart glass maker Luxexcel

“Our goal for the Quest Pro line over the next several years was to enable more and more people to get their work done in virtual and mixed reality even better than they could on PCs,” Zuckerberg stated. Zuckerberg.

But, Meta is reportedly struggling to keep and attract customers using its online social virtual (VR) platform, called Horizon Worlds — its most important bet in achieving its $10 billion metaverse vision.

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