Man Invents Bizarre Stamp-Licking Machine Using Tears from Cutting an Onion

Man Invents Bizarre Stamp-Licking Machine Using Tears from Cutting an Onion

Do you hate the pale taste of postage stamps and totally loathe licking an envelope prior to fixing it? What might be said about in a real sense squandering your tears while cutting a bunch of onions? Indeed, the callous vegetable puts us through eye-watering torment that we can’t do a lot to keep away from aside from wearing a couple of swimming goggles and looking crazy yet that doesn’t mean that the work our tear conduits put into greasing up our eyes must be purposeless.

Presenting the easy stamp-licking machine, brainchild of London-based designer Joseph’s Machines, made using a wild blend of regular family things including a glass container, ping pong balls, and pencils.

Controlled by tears created from dicing onions, the machine can be made with a pipe that first gets your sobs. The tears are then sifted into another channel upheld by a glass jar and a container of smoke preparing (indeed, in that careful request) before it’s dropped gradually onto the blank side of a postage stamp.

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After you clear the buildup off of your inadvertent crying sesh, you can feel free to put the adequately wet stamp onto the side of an envelope. And presto, you’ve effectively given another meaning to the deep-rooted expression: “I put my hard labor into my work.”

In any case, pause, there’s something else to Joseph’s Machines’ tragedy of development than simply computerizing the most common way of hitting stamps with your organic liquid. In his video, which has earned north of 5,000,000 perspectives on YouTube Shorts and 431,000 perspectives and relying on TikTok, the maker can likewise be seen fixing whole envelopes with the development of his blade while dicing the onions.

Man Invents Bizarre Stamp-Licking Machine Using Tears from Cutting an Onion

Being connected to seemingly a tabletop pasta-and-noodle-production machine, the blade basically controls a string that gradually pulls an envelope under the second pipe from the prior contraption. The tears gathered here are then dropped equally all through the self-cement edges.

That’s, what’s more, is, on account of the envelopes, you don’t need to get them and press down to totally seal them manually. All things being equal, a glass tumbler finishes this work pretty orgasmically, might I add by easily shutting the envelope in evident trickshot design. Albeit the glass really does wind up breaking by tumbling off the table eventually, what’s a little penance for innovation this astounding?

“I think it works quicker with tears of misery,” a TikTok client remarked on the maker’s video. “Must [have] been a miserable letter,” a second added. By the by, everybody appeared to settle on one truth: Joseph’s Machines just birthed a virtuoso development that no one realized they required in their lives as recently.

I mean, bacteriologists all over the planet have been cautioning us for quite a long time about the dangers of stamp licking anyways. What better utilization of unfortunately set-off tears than computerizing the in any case microorganism-plagued process, isn’t that so? Toward the day’s end, recollect what R&B symbol the Weeknd himself said: “Save your tears for another stamp.”


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