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Bakersfield College or BC is a well-known higher education college in Bakersfield, California. It belongs to the Kern Community College District (KCCD). KCCD is a member of the California Community Colleges. To support its students, BC offers the Inside BC student login portal. So, examine this guide to learn everything about InsideBC and its login and password reset process. 

What is the Inside BC Login Portal?

Inside BC
Inside BC

InsideBC is a web-based student portal designed mainly for scholars studying at Bakersfield College (BC). This login portal allows the scholars to obtain details such as emails, Canvas, Starfish, and personal data.

InsideBC login is a simple platform that permits students to explore their accounts in just a few seconds. The college issues the student user ID and password. 

Let us now discuss the advantages of using the Bakersfield College (BC) student portal.

Check Out the Benefits or Uses of Inside BC Login Portal

The utilization of the InsideBC student portal delivers the following benefits:

  1. Attendance Info

The most important feature of the InsideBC portal is that the instructors regularly update the students’ class attendance.

  1. Campus News & Holiday Notices

BC updates information and alerts on the portal. The scholars can already see relevant stories by accessing their InsideBC accounts. When they are at home, the students can learn via InsideBC if there is any important information concerning a vacation or case of emergency.

Inside BC
Inside BC
  1. College Events & Exam Schedule

InsideBC portal contains info regarding the Academic weeks, sporting events, and other activities. Thus, the students can notice the timetable and plan of each event. Plus, the information and calendar for the exams and midterms are updated.

  1. Info on Grades 

The InsideBC student portal supplies information about grades for tests, worksheets, and examinations. So, the scholars and their parents who have entry to the portal can observe their children’s performance.

  1. Lectures, Courses, & Digital Assignments

All lecture notes for all the lessons are uploaded to the portal so that students can access and retain them. Students can instantly post their online homework on the portal. Accordingly, the instructors can inspect them online and inform the scores through the portal.

Login Specifications for Inside BC Portal

You only need to meet the below conditions to retrieve the InsideBC portal:

  1. InsideBC URL

The InsideBC portal URL/website address – – is the first thing you need to access.

  1. Login Credentials

Then, you will need your login details – your InsideBC login ID and password.

  1. Website Browser

For the best website encounter, you will need a web browser.

  1. Smart Device

A computer system, iPad, smart device, or laptop is also required.

  1. Internet Access

Finally, you must have undisrupted and durable internet service.

Login Procedure for Inside BC Student Portal

Inside BC
Inside BC

Use the given directives to access the InsideBC portal:

Browse InsideBC Portal Webpage

Firstly, open your system, enable WiFi, and go to —> InsideBC. 

Else, directly tap

Type in Login Details

After that, input your InsideBC username and passcode to sign in to your account.

Click Login

Finally, tap on the blue Login button to access your InsideBC profile.

Forgot Your InsideBC Password? – Reset It

Suppose you do not remember your InsideBC password. To reset it, use the instructions provided below:

Go to the InsideBC Portal Webpage

Firstly, visit

Tap Forgot Password

Next, click on the blue Forgot Password button.

KCCD Password Manager

You land on the Password Manager page.

Enter User ID & PIN/Password

Enter your student/employee user ID/email address and PIN/password.

Tap Next

Finally, tap on the Next button to reset your InsideBC password.

Forgot Your InsideBC User ID? – Recover It

If you cannot recall your InsideBC user ID or email address, recover it by using the below process:

  1. Firstly, arrive at
  2. Next, tap on the Forgot User ID or Email Address option.
  3. Now, type in your Last Name, Last four digits of SSN (Social Security Number), and Date of Birth.
  4. Finally, tap on the Get Student/Employee User ID option.

Forgot Your InsideBC PIN/Password? – Regain It

Inside BC
Inside BC

Have you forgotten your InsideBC PIN/Password (required to reset your InsideBC account password)? So, seek the given directives to recover your InsideBC PIN/Password:

  1. Firstly, proceed at
  2. After that, tap on the Forgot PIN/Password.
  3. Now, input your Last Name, Last four digits of SSN (Social Security Number), and Date of Birth.
  4. Tap on the Get Security Question option.
  5. Finally, follow the directions that appear on the screen to recover your InsideBC PIN or Password. 

Inside BC Login – Support Center

For more details, you may visit

Some Verified & Updated Inside BC Links

Have a look at some of the top links to access the InsideBC login portal:

Official BC Website

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Final Words on Inside BC

After reviewing this guide, you have obtained all the information necessary regarding the InsideBC KCCD Login at Therefore, follow the instructions explained in this guide to fix your InsideBC login-related troubles.