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How to make a Fire Pit Screen? (User’s Guide)

How to make a Fire Pit Screen?

How to make a Fire Pit Screen

Are you searching for a way to shield your deck from ash and sparks? Or on the other hand, maybe you want a more attractive fire pit screen than what is right now available on the market? This article will guide you through how to make your own custom Fire Pit Screen. It’s easy, it’s cheap, and it looks great!

This post walks users through how they can easily fabricate their own custom fire pit screens that look great and are functional as well.

A fire pit screen is a great way to hold sparks and embers back from flying out of the fire, and also can assist with shielding your patio or deck from scorch marks. How to make a Fire Pit Screen?

What is a Fire Pit Screen and what does it do?

It provides safety to kids and pets while allowing you to partake in your outside fireplace or fire pit year-round, even on blustery days. The screen keeps out sparks that could set nearby grasses on fire and also protects homes from embers flying about in high winds. How to make a Fire Pit Screen?

How to make a Fire Pit Screen

1) Measure the top and sides of your fire pit and purchase mesh that is at least an inch higher than the edge.

2) The screen should be adequately large to cover the opening including any handles yet not so large as to block airflow or diminish heat loss from wind currents. Although there are many styles available, consider choosing one with horizontal wires instead of vertical wires because it will offer more help against high winds.

3) Make certain to purchase a screen that does not accompany grommets – as they can also pose safety issues.

4) Plan the design of your Fire Pit Screen by considering how it will be used and where you could require access points or different features such as handles for moving or cleaning, and so on.

How to make a Fire Pit Screen?

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Materials expected to make the Fire Pit Screen

1) Screen mesh, about two feet by five feet

2) Stick or old brush handle to use as a poker for the fire. Any lengthy straight item will function admirably.

3) Pruning shears or wire cutters.

4) A drill with a large bore, about one-half inch or an eighth of an inch larger than your wire.

*On the off chance that you don’t have access to a power tool, find someone who does and ask for assistance!

How to make a Fire Pit Screen?

Please note: these instructions are just valid on the off chance that the wire is galvanized steel mesh material. Various types of metal will behave diversely when heated.

1) The first step in making this fire pit screen is to remove a piece of screen that will fit inside your circular structure. On the off chance that there happens to be an existing opening through which you can take care of it from underneath then great however otherwise just measure up from the bottom as close as possible and use shears or pliers (for cutting) to manage along the edge.

2) The wire mesh should be just smaller than the initial you are attempting to conceal so that it can fit inside without falling out or being easily pushed through. How to make a Fire Pit Screen?

3) Next take your stick and push it into one of the circular ends at an angle so it sticks straight up from that point making a tool for jabbing things above the fire pit screen later on. This also serves as a handle which will make inserting and eliminating this new metal shield easier on the off chance that necessary during use because once-hot steel is difficult to touch!

Presently feed your recently chopped piece of wire mesh through the bottom opening until all however about two inches remains subterranean level (this part may require managing) then, at that point, twist that last piece over underneath itself to make a snug fit with the bottom of your pit.

4) At this point you should attempt to twist one end over until it touches both ground and the top side at about 45-degree angles which will assist with keeping things secure assuming someone accidentally bumps into it or tries to kick soil up onto the screen (which they inevitably will).

Assuming that any ends are jabbing out, use your pliers or shears again to remove them so they don’t jab anyone later on! Make sure to adjust these pieces after installation because nothing is permanent here.

Presently take your boring apparatus and find something flat-ish for penetrating upon like an old piece of wood then place that beneath where you want the wire mesh installed prior to clamping all that down immovably to forestall slipping. How to make a Fire Pit Screen?

Drill the wire mesh from beneath to make an opening through which you can take care of your stick/handle. This will be how it is eliminated later on if necessary and also acts as an anchor for holding everything in place while still allowing some adaptability (which helps with removal too).

5) Finally, feel free to install your fire pit screen by pushing any loose ends down into the ground or towards each other so they are fairly flush against each other prior to dragging that handle back out again. To eliminate simply pull up on the finish of it until all sides come free then twist them over themselves pulling off pant legs (or socks) would work best here relying on their shape! How to make a Fire Pit Screen?

Presently insert sticks at various points along its length whenever desired however this isn’t necessary. Also, avoid jabbing the screen itself with the stick because this will cause punctures that are challenging to repair.

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