How to Do the Chicken Dance: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Follow the article for detailed steps on learning how to do the chicken dance for a blast at the dance party at your friends.

Are you prepared to have a blast at your next dance party? DJs love a lot of group dances, like the “Chicken Dance,” so make sure you know all the steps. Let’s learn how to do the chicken dance.

The “Chicken Dance” is often a crowd favorite at parties. You can learn to do the chicken dance, regardless of your level of dance ability. You only need to be willing to permit yourself to look a little silly.

How to do the chicken dance

how to do the chicken dance
how to do the chicken dance
  •       When the song “Chicken Dance” starts, run to the dance floor and join the circle that is forming. The dance may also be performed unorganized or in a line at other times. Start with the chicken dance original song
  •       Make beaks with your fingers and thumbs by raising your arms in front of you. To the music, open and close your “beaks” four times.
  •       To the music, put your thumbs in your armpits and flap your elbows four times like they are wings.
  •       To the music, wiggle your hips and bend your knees four times while keeping your hands and arms low, like chicken tail feathers.
  •       Clap four times in time with the music while standing straight up.
  •       Four times, go through steps two through five.
  •       To the music, join hands with the person on either side of you and skip around in a circle, reversing once.
  •       Continue through the entire sequence until the song’s conclusion.

The chicken dance song

how to do the chicken dance
how to do the chicken dance
  • The music from the “Chicken Dance” • A group of fun-loving people More About the “Chicken Dance” Swiss accordionist Werner Thomas composed the “Chicken Dance” in the 1950s.According to legend, it was first composed and performed as an Oktoberfest drinking song.

The “Chicken Dance,” which is also known as that, has gone by a lot of different names and has been in many different forms over the years. It has also been referred to as “The Birdie Song,” “The Chicken Song,” “Dance Little Bird,” “Vogeltanz,” “Vogerltanz,” “De Vogeltjesdans,” “The Dance of the Little Birds,” and “Der Ententanz,” among other names. The song’s original name was the latter.

Therefore, the next time you dance the “Chicken Dance” at a wedding, keep in mind that historically speaking, you are dancing like a duck.

How to do the chicken wing dance step by step how to do

how to do the chicken dance
how to do the chicken dance

The chicken dance is a well-suited activity for fun events like parties, dinners with friends, and informal wedding receptions because of its worldwide popularity. You won’t have any trouble following the steps, so put on the Chicken Dance song and you’ll soon be polka-ing like a chicken!

  1.       As the song begins, join the crowd. Move to the dance floor and join the circle of other dancers as soon as you hear the Chicken Dance song begin. The crowd can also be arranged in a line or broken up into groups of individuals dancing on their own.
  •         At the end of each section, there is a clap and three repetitions of the Chicken Dance.
  1.       Use your hands to make the beak of the chicken. Form your “chicken beaks” by opening and closing your hand like a chicken’s beak while holding your arms out in front of you and pressing your thumb and fingers together.
  •         Move your beaks back and forth four times in time with the music.
  1.       Four times, flap your wings. Flap your elbows like wings while placing your thumbs in your armpits. Your elbows should be out, like chicken wings, with your hands in your armpits.
  •         Move this four times while keeping with the music.
  1.       While the music is playing, sway your hips and bend your knees. As you lower yourself toward the ground, move your hips to the left and right while holding your hands at your hips like chicken feathers.
  1.       Clap four times in time with the music while standing straight. Prepare for two more rounds of performing these dance steps because this is the final step of the Chicken Dance. Prepare yourself for things to move faster in some versions of the Chicken Dance song as the song progresses.
  •         If you have someone who is injured or unable to stand, you can also perform this dance from a seated position.
  1. Permit yourself to be creative. Even though these are the basic rules for the chicken dance, be open to new ideas and variations. Since the Chicken Dance is meant to be enjoyable, don’t be afraid to add some spice if you think you can.
  •         When you perform the Chicken Dance, the more fun you will have, the looser and freer you will be.