How to Delete Google Voice Number On Android?

The ‘Google Voice’ service is been in the market now for more than 12 years. Since its beginning, a huge number of individuals have picked to utilize this phone service from the house of Google. It is a smart calling feature available for personal and professional use and the cost varies according to the package you have selected.

how to delete google voice number

But now so many innovations and technologies are in place, if you want to turn off the Google voice and search for “How to delete Google voice number?” then here we will be discussing the procedure to take for the same.

Presently, in the wake of utilizing the Voice administration from Google, you probably won’t require it any longer. What’s more, you need to delete Google Voice number. As you are utilizing it on your Android gadget, you need to figure out how to delete the Voice number on your Android device.

It’s feasible to switch off Google Voice or simply unsubscribe from the service but before doing so keep these things in mind as deleting the Google Voice number won’t clear out the details or data related to your record, and that implies that all the messages will stay in that account.

Things to Remember before Deleting the Google Voice Number

Deleting the Google voice number is quite easy and you need to recall a couple of things before doing so.

Points to Remember

The user cannot be able to delete the voice number because of the following things:

· If the Google voice number is managed by the office or commercial space.

· In the event that you have previously paid to move/transfer the number, then you cannot delete the same.

· In case you are utilizing the Google Voice number with the Sprint account then you cannot be able to delete the same.

About the Google voice messages

• The message received on the Google voice number will never get deleted irrespective of deleting the Google voice number.

Things to remember after deleting the Number

• After deleting the Google Voice number, the user will get a 90 days grace period to reactivate the number in case the user changes his or her mind. After the expiration of 90 days that number won’t be accessible for you. It very well may be relegated to other users. Further within the grace time, the user can also not be able to sign in for a new Google Voice number also.

Steps to Follow for “How to Delete Your Google Voice Number”?

Follow the steps given below to delete your Google voice number.

how to delete google voice number

  • Then tap on the ‘Menu’ symbol that will resemble 3 even lines from the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Then, you need to tap on the ‘Settings’ symbol (that will resemble a gear symbol).

how to delete google voice number

  • Now, you should switch off the voicemail for the Google Voice numbers you want to delete.
  • Thus, find the number you need to erase and tap on the ‘Voicemail’ choice close to that specific number.
  • Then, you should disable the choice as ‘Get voicemail by means of email/message’ for the number.

how to delete google voice number

  • Now, explore the account option.
  • Then, simply tap on the Delete option from under/close to the Google Voice number which needs to be deleted.
  • In doing as such, another window will open.
  • You should tap on the ‘Delete’ button close to the number.

how to delete google voice number

  • Accordingly, an admonition will show up on the mobile screen as a popup window.
  • So tap on the ‘Continue/proceed’ button and stand by for minutes till the number is deleted.

Congrats! In the event that you have followed the means above, you have successfully deleted the Google Voice number effectively.

Steps to Reactivate the Same Google Voice Number

Consider the possibility that you want to use the same Google Voice number as you have changed you remind, well in that case you are lucky if you have taken this decision within 90 days after deleting your Google voice number. Yes, as Google offers 90 days grace period to the users for claiming the same number back after raising the delete request. So follow the steps below to know the procedure of claiming the same Google Voice number:

• Go to

• Then, at that point, click on the ‘Menu button’ (3 even lines symbol on top).

• Then, tap or click on the “Legacy Google Voice” choice.

how to delete google voice number

• Next, tap on the ‘Get your old number back’ choice.

• Now, you should add a connected number, and you will want to get back the Voice number with this.

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Final Words

A Google Voice number can prove to be useful on many occasions. To keep your work calls and individual calls free of one another, you can use Google Voice number. In any case, you probably won’t require it any longer. That is the point at which you would select to delete the Google Voice number. Be that as it may, numerous users are curious about the technique for deleting the Google Voice number.