How to Charge Clarisonic Without Charger

The Clarisonic Skin Brush comes with a 2-year warranty. However, the warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear. It also excludes any damage caused by using the brush improperly or using a charger that is not an original Clarisonic charger.

Clarisonic brushes are durable and can last for about 3 years with proper care.

Is it Safe to Charge My Clarisonic Skin Brush with an Extension Cord or Power Strip?

The Clarisonic is designed to be charged with the power cord that comes with the device. It is not recommended to charge it with an extension cord or power strip. This can lead to a short circuit that can damage the charger and even cause a fire.

It is always best to use the charger that comes with the device when you want to charge it.

Can I Use a Universal Adapter to Charge My Clarisonic Skin Brush?

It is not recommended to use a universal adapter to charge your Clarisonic skin brush. The power strip may not be able to provide enough power for the device and it may cause it to overheat.

How to Charge Clarisonic Without Charger
How to Charge Clarisonic Without Charger

We recommend using the charger that came with your Clarisonic Skin Brush, or if you lost it, the one that is available on their website.

Conclusion: Why Buying Replacement Chargers is Better Than Buying a New Clarisonic

The conclusion of the article is that buying replacement chargers is better than buying a new Clarisonic brush. The author argues that the replacement charger will work just as well as the original and it will save you money.

The author also says that if you are going to buy a new Clarisonic, then you should be sure to buy one with a warranty so that if it breaks, you can get a refund or exchange. Moreover, these types of products are also available at cheap rates with the possibility of duplicating one. I would refer to going for branded one that would give you a better quality experience.


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