How Old Is Ashtray From Euphoria

How Old is Ashtray from Euphoria. Perhaps of the most terrible and adorable people in Euphoria is Ashtray. Season 2 as of now has more sex, medications, and brutality than we could envision, and that is saying something with regards to Euphoria. In any case, we love Ashtray, yet he’s certainly matured since Season 1. He began as a pre-youngster and presently he appears to be a full high schooler! 

how old is ashtray from euphoria

The ashtray is likewise a really dubious person, taking into account he’s enveloped with the universe of medications in Euphoria from such a youthful age. Yet, it’s not thoroughly clear how old he truly is. So how old is Ashtray, and how old is the entertainer who plays him?
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The ashtray is quite possibly of the most youthful person highlighted in ‘Euphoria.’

At the point when he was a child, Ashtray was deserted by his firearm-employing grandma. He has fundamentally been raised by Fezco, who likewise lost his grandma and overseer early on. Both Ash and Fez needed to grow up rapidly; Ash even acquired his epithet since he would bite cigarette butts in the bath. (How Old is Ashtray from Euphoria)

how old is ashtray from euphoria

So when we meet Ash, we’re stunned by his childhood. In Season 1, Ashtray is around 11 years of age, so since Season 2 happens about a year after the fact, that would make Ash 12 or 13 years of age all things considered. Furthermore, currently in the principal episode of Season 2, he goes after Mouse with a mallet, so we’re truly trusting that Ash can find a more useful way soon. (How Old is Ashtray from Euphoria)

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Javon “Want to” Walton plays the youthful Ashtray in ‘Euphoria.’

Javon “Want to” Walton could play a 13-year-old in Euphoria, however, he’s presently really 15 years of age, which is as old as a portion of the primary characters. However, when he began playing Ashtray in Euphoria, Javon was just 12 years of age, since he was brought into the world in 2006. But since COVID-19 postponements and time between seasons, Javon’s age hole with his personality just developed. (How Old is Ashtray from Euphoria)

Notwithstanding this, Javon is as yet an accomplished entertainer, and we’re invigorated by the fate of his profession. Besides Euphoria, Javon played Grant in Amazon Prime’s Utopia as well as Pugsley Addams in The Addams Family 2. (How Old is Ashtray from Euphoria)


How Old is Ashtray in Euphoria 

In addition to the fact that Javon acts in a few ventures, on the other hand, he’s a record-breaker in his home territory of Georgia. By the age of 11 years of age (as old as Ash in Season 1 of Euphoria), Javon was a state champion in both boxings and tumbling, and he turned into the principal individual to hold the two titles. He’s likewise the most youthful individual to at any point get sponsorship to manage Under Armor for his boxing. (How Old is Ashtray from Euphoria)

So despite the fact that Ashtray has a dissipated and pained past, Javon most certainly has a splendid future. New episodes of Euphoria air each Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on HBO. (How Old is Ashtray from Euphoria)


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