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Children are among the 9 people hurt in a shooting on Florida’s Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.

Florida's Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.

According to police, a quarrel between two groups resulted in a gunshot on Memorial Day evening along the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk in Florida. The shooting injured nine persons, including children. The incident occurred on Memorial Day.

According to Deanna Bettineschi, who works as the Public Information Manager for the Hollywood Authorities Department, one person of interest has been taken into custody, and authorities are currently searching for a second suspect who is still at large.

According to Bettineschi, five adults ranging in age from 25 to 65 were also shot, in addition to four juveniles ranging in age from one to seventeen years old, one of them was between 15 and 18 months old. She further mentioned that one individual is still undergoing surgery, while the other sufferers are currently in a stable condition.

The Mayor of Hollywood Beach, Josh Levy, stated that he was “saddened and angered” by the gunshot, as well as the fact that “innocent bystanders” were hurt as a result of the dispute that occurred between two groups.

During a press conference, he made the following statement: “People come to enjoy a holiday weekend on the beach with their families, and to have people in complete reckless disregard of the safety of the public and to have an altercation with guns in the public setting with thousands of people around them is beyond reckless,” he said.

As the inquiry continues, the villagers have been asked by the police to stay away from the area.

The beach community of Hollywood Beach is located on the east coast of Florida, approximately 20 miles north of Miami and 10 miles south of Fort Lauderdale.

By Richard M. Lunsford

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