Drivers voice their concerns after the icy conditions lead to accidents on bridges and overpasses in Austin

AUSTIN -as winter weather began to move into Central Texas, began to warn its viewers of the dangers that could be posed by winter weather.

“It will only worsen throughout all day long,” said Meteorologist Kristen Currie as she discussed the roads being icy Tuesday morning.

Conditions of ice caused numerous accidents that included many in overpasses, bridges or bridges.

“Oh my! The tow truck has just came into the…the vehicle just struck the side of the road,” stated Mary Stone, who was trying to transport her friend to the scheduled treatment for cancer.

Woman who is taking a friend to cancer treatment , describes her and her friends spinning around SH 45

Drivers voice their concerns

Stone was trapped in State Highway 45 near Buda But she wasn’t the only one to be stranded on slippery roads. She reported that several vehicles were sliding and sliding over the bridge in the vicinity of Interstate 35.

“We crossed the bridge, and it’s pure Ice,” Stone said. “I was slow however we veered off and kind of fell into this wall.”

On West Slaughter Lane and Menchaca Road, Rozanne Combs was trying to get ready for work when she also, came across the ice.

“I just crossed the bridge near my home The next thing I realized I was on snow as my vehicle was turning,” Combs said.

Combs was able get her automobile to a nearby parking spot which she parked it in until the ice began to melt, however Morganne McCann became stuck and needed to be tow.

“I began sliding, and the after a few seconds I was spinning seven or six time,” McCann said. “If it weren’t for the curb, I’d be a mile out of on the bridge.”

The majority of crashes on Monday occurred on overpasses, bridges and off ramps, or on ramps, which freeze more quickly.

“Next next thing I know I see a massive pile of debris behind me. I’m going to crash, crash, following crash.”

With the possibility of more frigid temperatures over the next few days, motorists should be off the roads on Wednesday.

“It’s expected to become worse and you should stay at home,” Combs said.


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