Dragon Ball Hero Trailer Teases the Anime’s New Saga

About the new series, Dragon Ball Heroes has grabbed the chance to explore plots and characters that the main series of Dragon Ball Super has not explored. Now with the Big Bang mission and the awful reign of the mad scientist Fuu being brought to an end, a new trailer for Heroes has surfaced which might give us hints as to the future of the spinoff.

In the recent installments of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the Z Fighters and the Time Patrol found themselves fighting against a reinvigorated Goku Black, who adhered to a new transformation of Super Saiyan 3 Rose. With the Z fighters somehow managing to beat this known threat, a new and enhanced Fuu appeared on the scene and possessed enough strength to confront not one but two Gogetas. Implementing the use of a strange new fusion, the Goku of the actual universe and the Goku of the Time Patrol were able to finally defeat the scientist, opening up the spinoff to a new threat to emerge.

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Interpretation of the New Trailer

The recent trailer for Super Dragon Ball Heroes focuses on the battle between Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Fuu, while also showing the past of Dragon Ball Z by displaying some of the biggest battles of Gohan, who didn’t have much of a role to play in the recent franchise but might have his part to play in the Ultra God Mission.

Dragon Ball Hero Trailer
Dragon Ball Hero Trailer

What attracts the Fans’ Interest?

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is distinctive in that it’s a spinoff anime that also has an arcade game in Japan, using a card system that retrieves heroes and villains from the past. One of the biggest features of the series has been the addition of the Dark Demon Dimension which is the homeland of the villain Dabura that has introduced many new heroes and villains through theseṣ side stories. With the anime bringing back the transformation of Super Saiyan 4 and introducing some important new transformations, Heroes has surely attracted the attention of many fans.

Are you excited for the next chapter of Dragon Ball Heroes?