Discovery brings the offline download feature to the US

Discovery brings the offline download feature to the US

One of the most requested features for Discovery+ is offline viewing. The company announced Monday that the U.S. users of its ad-free plan will be able download content for offline viewing via the iOS and Android apps.

After testing the feature in Brazil, Discovery+ made this move. Discovery+ stated that there are more than 58,000 episodes available on the service, including popular shows like “House of Hammer,” “Fixer Upper, and “90 Day Fiance”, which can be downloaded.

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The “Download” button will appear next to the content title for users who have the ad-free plan. You can choose whether you want to download the file over Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Discovery brings the offline download feature to the US

Discovery+ stated that the title downloaded will remain on your device for 30 days, or 48 hours, if it is not played. You can also renew the title download after it expires online.

The company does not place geo-restrictions on downloaded content. If you’re visiting another country, the content can still be viewed offline. When a user is offline, the app defaults to the downloads area.

Warner Bros. Discovery will merge HBO Max and Discovery+ services in one app next year. Discovery+ users will be able to access this feature until then. YouTube and Netflix, two of the most popular streaming services, have offered an offline viewing option for many years. Although Discovery+ was launched last year, it is a feature that streaming users have come to expect.


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