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Home News China claims that more than 10 US balloons flew through its airspace

China claims that more than 10 US balloons flew through its airspace

China claims that more than 10 US balloons flew through its airspace

China claims that more than 10 US balloons flew through its airspace.

China Monday claimed that more than 10 U.S. high altitude balloons flew in its airspace over the past year without permission. This follows Washington’s claim that Beijing has a fleet of surveillance balloons.

After the U.S. shot down a Chinese spy balloon, sparking a new crisis that has sparked bilateral relations at their lowest point in decades.

Wang Wenbin, spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, did not provide any details on the alleged U.S. balloons or how they were handled or whether there were government or military connections.

Wang stated that it is common for U.S. balloons illegally to enter other countries’ airspace at a daily briefing. “U.S. high altitude balloons have flown illegally over China’s airspace more often than 10 times since last year without Chinese approval.”

Wang stated that the U.S. should first reflect on its actions and make changes, rather than inciting a confrontation.

China claims that the U.S. balloon that was shot down was an unmanned aircraft meant for meteorological research. China accused the U.S. of overreacting by shooting down its balloon and threatened to take unspecified actions in response.

The incident led to Antony Blinken, U.S. Secretary, canceling a Beijing visit that many hoped would stop the rapid decline in relations with Taiwan, trade and human rights, as well as threatening Chinese actions within the South China Sea.

Monday also saw the Philippines accuse a Chinese ship that was patrolling the Philippine coast with a laser-powered weapon of shooting at a Philippine vessel. The incident caused temporary blindness to some of the crew members. It called it a “blatant violation” of Manila’s sovereign right.

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Wang stated that a Philippine coast patrol vessel entered Chinese waters unpermitted on February 6. The Chinese coast guard vessels respond professionally and with restraint. China claims almost all strategic waterways and is steadily increasing its maritime forces as well as island outposts.

Wang stated that “China and the Philippines are maintaining communication via diplomatic channels in this respect.” The incident was not reported by the Chinese Defense Ministry.

On Sunday, President Joe Biden ordered a U.S. fighter plane to shoot down an “unidentified” object over Lake Huron. This added tension. This was the fourth such incident in eight days, in an unusual chain of events that took place over U.S. Airspace. Officials at the Pentagon believe there is no precedent.

According to the Biden administration, Thursday’s Chinese balloon was shot down by the U.S. because it was equipped with intelligence detection and collection capabilities. The surveillance program targeted more than 40 countries.

One reason for repeated shootdowns is a “heightened alarm” after the alleged Chinese spy ball, Gen. Glen VanHerck of NORAD and U.S. Northern Command stated in a briefing to reporters.

China claims that more than 10 US balloons flew through its airspace

As a response to the incident, the United States placed economic restrictions on six Chinese entities. The U.S. House of Representatives voted unanimously in condemning China for a “brazen breach” of U.S. sovereignty as well as efforts to “deceive international communities through false claims regarding its intelligence collection campaigns.”

The spokesperson for China, Wang, reiterated China’s rejection of these claims. He stated that “the frequent firing by the U.S. of advanced missiles to shoot down objects is an overreaction and overexertion.”

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