Canada defeats US in Rivalry Series with Sarah Nurse late goal

Canada defeats US in Rivalry Series with Sarah Nurse late goal.

Sarah Nurse scored with less than five minutes remaining and Canada defeated the United States 3-2 on Thursday night, after having lost the first three games of the 7-game Rivalry Series.

Just moments after missing its chance to take advantage of an opportunity to score, Canada grabbed the lead after Nurse hit the ball from an enthralling angle at the very side of the line. Nurse’s shot defeated goalie Maddie Rooney.

“Sometimes difficult shots could get in, you throw the puck in the net and put the goalie in a poor position, which is the situation that happened this evening,” Nurse said. “That’s why we have a goalie coach. He studies the girls we play against, and he is a pro at creating packages.”

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Jamie Lee Rattray and Blayre Turnbull also scored for Canada as Kristen Campbell stopped 21 shots. Amanda Kessel and Hilary Knight scored for the Americans and Rooney scored 13 saves.

The series will continue this Saturday in Los Angeles.

“I am awestruck by the way the players are able to play naturally during this series,” U.S. coach John Wroblewski said. “As coaches, it’s as if we’re trying to give them a framework to follow, however it’s not quite as a chess game as you’ll sometimes see (on) the male aspect of the game. Women are innately skilled and with a great deal of passion and it’s a tight game that could have been played any way.”

Canada defeats US in Rivalry Series with Sarah Nurse late goal

Kessel scored the first goal by extending her stick in front of Rattray to snare Kendall Coyne Schofield’s pass on the front of the field in the initial period.

It was an incident that was broadcast on social media as Phil’s brother Phil was a goal scorer for NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights at nearly the exact same time in Chicago.

“I’ve attempted to download it in about five minutes and cannot see it,” Kessel said moments after the match about their brother’s score. “So I’m wondering whether it was nicer than my own.”

Rattray was the only one to tie it for Canada by stealing the puck, skated on her own in a breakaway, and then beat Rooney at 6:51 at the end of second. Turnbull made it a 2-0 game for Canada ahead. Canadians ahead with less than a minute remaining at the end of second.

Knight scored through a breakaway during the third.


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