BSOD Error : What Is Windows 11 Blue Screen of Death? How to Fix BSOD ERROR on Your PC

Windows 11 Blue Screen of Death, Blue Screen of Death otherwise called the stop screen, or stop code error, is an unwanted error on windows 11, it is also called a BSOD ERROR. Clients will see a blue screen unexpectedly while utilizing Windows 11 assuming the framework experiences a fatal blunder it can’t recuperate from.

To be explicit, it implies the screen of the gadget turns blue unexpectedly, while the user is working on the system. Most of the time, users see an error text or stop code that describes the issues with which the users can search for effective solutions. In this article, we will discuss the reason behind this windows 11 blue screen of death and its effective solutions.

Reasons for BSOD ERROR

The potential reasons for the BSOD error are:

  • low-level drivers
  • Low-level software
  • Software or application inconsistency
  • Crashing
  • Hardware defilement
  • defective framework documents and more

Methods to Fix Windows 11 BSOD ERROR

Boot your PC in protected mode to be on the more secure side and forestall any issue that might happen while fixing the Blue screen of death issue.

  • Reboot the PC and when the windows logo appears reboot it again and repeat the step 2 additional times, and from that point onward, it should arrive at the automatic repair mode.
  • Now click on the “Advanced options” then click on “Troubleshoot” then again on the “Advanced options” and then Startup Settings.

Windows 11 Blue Screen of Death

  • Now click on the Restart option and after the system reboots press F4 to start the safe mode.
Windows 11 Blue Screen of Death
Windows 11 Blue Screen of Death
  • After reaching out to the safe mode start utilizing the measures below to work on removing the BSOD ERROR.

Measure 1: Run the “Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool”

  • In the Windows search, find the “Windows Memory Diagnostic “and open the same.
  • Click on the option mentioning “Restart now and check for problems (recommended)”.
BSOD Error
BSOD Error
  • After the same, your system will start the reboot process and will initiate the test, you have to wait till the test completes.
BSOD Error
BSOD Error
  • After the test completes, restart your system and check if your problem is repaired or solved.

Measure 2: Update/Rollback/Disable/Uninstall Device Drivers

The users can also try the ways like updating, disabling, uninstalling, and rolling back the device drivers to resolve the error.

Steps for updating the device driver:

  • Open the Device Manager.
  • Select the category of device and then accordingly choose the drivers.
  • Open the driver properties.
  • And then click on the “Update Driver” option.
BSOD Error
BSOD Error
  • After the update restart, the system checks the BSOD ERROR issue is solved or not.

Therefore, follow the steps mentioned above, to further disable, uninstall and roll back the drivers.

Measure 3: Run the SFC Scan

  • Run the Command Prompt utility as the System Administrator.
  • Type SFC/scan now in the command window and then press the Enter key.
BSOD Error
BSOD Error
  • Wait for some time, and after the process completes then check the BSOD ERROR as if the same is solved or not.

Measure 4: Scan your system for the malware

  • Open the Windows Settings and click on the Update & Security option and then click on the “Windows Security” then choose the “Virus & threat protection”.
BSOD Error
BSOD Error
  • On the following prompt, check whether the Windows Defender antivirus program identifies any possible virus or threat for the system.
  • Then, at that point, adhere to the directions to delete any identified malware from your framework.

Measure 5: Perform your System Restore

  • Type the Create a restore point in the Windows Search box and open the same.
  • Under the System Protection option, click on the System Restore option.
BSOD Error
BSOD Error
  • Now click on the Next and select and click on the Scan for affected programs.
BSOD Error
BSOD Error
  • It will scan all the programs, documents, and applications that may be impacted due to the procedure.
  • Once it’s done, click on the Next option and then click on the Finish option.


Therefore, try the measures which we have discussed above to resolve the BSOD error from your system, and follow all the steps above to complete the procedure effectively for a better result.

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