A man with a psychiatric history is eligible for 6 months to entice a teen

A man with a psychiatric history is eligible for 6 months to entice a teen

A man suffering from a variety of mental problems was sentenced Friday to six-months in prison for online sexual enticement. He began when he turned 15 and was being used as a lure to a young teen when he was twenty.

Drew Jacob McFarland will not be released immediately. He will have to rebuild his life.

McFarland, who is now 22 and has lived in Riverview Drive, South Windsor, will be placed on probation for 15 years after his release from prison. He could also face another 14 1/2 years behind bars for violating release conditions.

McFarland must not use the internet except for approved therapeutic purposes, as per Judge Kevin C. Doyle. Hartford Superior Court judge Kevin C. Doyle stated that McFarland spent 10-12 hours online per day and that his friends were also online.

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McFarland was told by the judge that he must have “healthy relationships” with his family and avoid the “fantasy internet” otherwise he could end up spending 15 years in prison.

McFarland was the child of divorced parents. He had very little contact with his father from age 8 to 9.

McFarland was 6 years old when a man, later identified as Angelo Alleano Jr., broke into McFarland’s home and assaulted his mother.

The defense lawyer stated that the defendant did not know his mother was being sexually assaulted at the time. However, he knew that a stranger was present in the house and was scared and deeply affected by the incident.

A man with a psychiatric history is eligible for 6 months to entice a teenMcFarland may have post-traumatic stress disorder, according to the judge.

The defense lawyer stated that he was “essentially shunned” by his peers throughout much of his grammar school years and all of his middle school years. He was also bullied verbally and physically repeatedly. He had very few friends, if any.

McFarland lost his mother to brain cancer at the age of 15 and has lived with his grandparents since.

McFarland, a sophomore in high school, transferred from South Windsor High School, to the Grace S. Webb School, the Institute of Living. This is a Hartford psychiatric hospital. The defense lawyer stated that although bullying ended, isolation continued because McFarland was not encouraged to socialize outside of school.

Maxwell stated that McFarland was diagnosed with autism after a Webb school evaluation. Other diagnoses include persistent depressive disorder and anxiety disorders, as well as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

McFarland has had a difficult life, but he also contributed to the troubles of the boy he lured online. McFarland told McFarland that he had sent him nude photos because he wanted to feel loved and cared for. However, McFarland said that McFarland made the boy feel terrible.

McFarland pleaded guilty to risk of injury to children and third-degree child pornography possess in an October plea deal that allowed him to spend up to 18 months behind bars.

Friday’s pornography plea was vacated by the judge. McFarland instead pleaded guilty to inducing minors via computer. He was sentenced to six months imprisonment, but the sentence for violating probation conditions would be increased from 8 1/2 years to 14 1/2.


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