2 Women Exit Before Bachelor Clayton First Rose Ceremony: ‘Not the Way That I Was Hoping to Start’

After a few short weeks after Michelle Yong’s season finale of the Bachelorette, the next season, that is Season 26 of the reality dating series hit the ground running on the first Monday of 2022 and 2 Women Exit Before Bachelor Clayton First Rose Ceremony.

Bachelor Clayton First Rose Ceremony
Bachelor Clayton First Rose Ceremony

“I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m the Bachelor based off of only getting eight minutes of screen time on The Bachelorette,” said Clayton, who appeared on Michelle Young’s season. “And you know, it’s because I truly believe in this process more than anybody else. I know that I can find my wife here. I know this works.”

But before the new Bachelor show Clayton Echard met his 30 potential matches. A woman named Sally whose occupation was listed as previously engaged revealed that the weekend she arrived at the film bachelor was originally supposed to be her wedding weekend. The timing of her arrival left Sally in an emotional state so much so that she surprised Clayton with a visit.

“That was the most heartbreaking decision of my life,” she said in an on-camera interview.

“I thought I was ready to do something like this and I don’t know if my heart is ready”

Clayton said he understood, but added that he thinks that there is some sort of chemistry with them. He consoled her and said that there is something special and he wanted her to stay with him.

“It really makes me feel like there could be something special and so I really, really want you here. So much so that I want to prove that. And so Salley, will you accept this rose?”

She was surprised at first and struggled to make a decision. She then took her time and said to Clayton”I want to accept that rose,” she said. “My heart is just not in the place where I can. And I feel so bad about that. My heart is just not ready.”

With that, Salley departed — and Clayton felt defeated. “The first rose that I have given out as the Bachelor was rejected,” Clayton told the cameras. “This is not the way that I was hoping to start my journey to find love.”

Sally, a 26-year-old girl, had a break-up with her fiance, a neurosurgeon. Their wedding was canceled and it is reported that it wasn’t a mutual decision and it was Sally who ended things. Her friends and family supported her so that she could get over the hard situation of the cancellation of marriage.

Despite his rose being rejected before the first night even began, Claytons remaining women didn’t disappoint him with their extravagant entrances.

Then, things turned dramatically, when Claire Heilig appeared. Claire’s one-on time was interrupted by Mara, claire went inside the mansion and started sharing some feelings about the bachelor with the other women

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When one girl asked whether she had talked to him, Claire replied that there was not the kind of vibe she was expecting.

She said that she has a specific palette and Clayton is a hundred percentage too nice for her. This didn’t take long for Clayton to be filled in on Claire’s comments.

Clayton asked her about the negative statements she’d been making about him around the house to other girls, including that she hated him. Clayton did just that, but Claire denied saying she hated him.

“No, I don’t hate you I just, it feels like we just haven’t like clicked,” Claire said.

Clayton then returned to the mansion and said to the other girls” I was made aware that there was someone in the house that was kind of just tearing the whole mood down and after speaking with her I sent her home”. 

“I don’t think it’s fair to have somebody here that doesn’t want to be here when there are so many phenomenal women in this room,” he said.

However, Clayton didn’t let Claire ruin the rest of his night.

After having more conversations with the women he ultimately decided to give Teddy the all-important first impression rose.

“ She’s got me feeling a little some type of way”

Claire Heilig is a 29 old woman and is also the regional director of cosmetics at Anne Arundel dermatology and she herself is a cosmetic dermatologist. She said that she joined the show bachelor to find a suitable life partner as well as a caring father for her son.

Then it was time for the first rose ceremony of the season where 21 more women received roses and 7 others were sent packing. 

While the rose ceremony ended with the women toasting each other, the season preview teases that the ‘good vibes’ will not be around for long. More dramatic moments, fights, accusations, and much more melodramas are expected in the coming episode as per the teaser.