WWWW or W4 Country FM, Go Ahead

WWWW-FM (W4 Country), is a down-home music radio broadcast situated in Ann Arbor, Michigan, broadcasting on 102.9 MHz the channel is owned by Cumulus Media, WWWW-FM has a transmitter at its studios off of South Wagner Road toward the northwest of downtown Ann Arbor. The broadcast offers country, hits, bluegrass music, and classic tunes. WWWW’s slogan is also very popular among its listeners as they say “Good Times, Great Music”.

The Shows on WWWW

Some of the well-renowned shows on the channel are:

  •       After Midnite,
  •       CMT Radio Live,
  •       Adam Rey,
  •       Breakfast With Bubba,
  •       Evenings with Drew Mann,
  •       Mandy Cook,
  •       The Weekly Country Music Countdown

The popular hosts on WWWW

The well-known hosts of the channel are:

  •       Blair Garner,
  •       Jason Evigan,
  •       Adam Rey,
  •       Brian Cowen,
  •       Lori Rigato, and
  •       Mandy Cooke

How did WWWW start?



The 102.9 radio frequency started on or on March 1, 1962, as WOIA and is co-possessed with WOIB in Saline, Michigan. It facilitated a wide range of radio broadcasts with various music kinds including widely appealing music, Top 40 organization, and moderate stone until in 2000 it became involved by W4 country. The callsign WWWW was likewise being used on different frequencies for radios with different configurations for a seriously long period before it was doled out to 102.9 FM.

Initially, WOIA and WOIB simulcast a widely appealing music design with a few Top 40 music played only on the weekends. The configuration changed to full-time Top 40 every 1967. WOIA characters during this time included John Records Landecker, later to turn into a legend on the Chicago radio, and Art Vuolo Jr., who is later called “Radio’s Best Friend.”


As indicated by different evaluations W4 Country is the most elevated appraised business radio broadcast in Ann Arbor. What’s more, regardless of whether we consider non-business radio broadcasts that transmission around here, WWWW-FM would in any case be perhaps the most evaluated radio broadcast. Pay attention to W4 Country web-based utilizing their live stream. Or then again download the radio free application to introduce this stream to the mobile.

The WWWW calls were initially utilized for 106.7 FM and then later on the 1130 AM which was in Detroit, Michigan. Numerous Detroit-region radio users of the 1970s recall WWWW-FM as a hot rock station with a somewhat moderate bowed, and one which would offer one-of-a-kind programming, for example, “All Night Album Replay,” wherein a many rock LPs played sequentially during nights. Print promoting for the station sporadically highlighted pictures of Godzilla, the legendary person found in the Toho-delivered Japanese series of films.

That arrangement wouldn’t stretch out into the 1980s, in any case. This changed the format to the “W4 Country” estranged numerous previous audience members, as reflected in starting evaluations changes, and before long gained a new crowd, however, an intriguing not many people, for example, live character Chuck Santoni, who is presently at WSAQ-FM in Port Huron, stayed with the station. The station kept up with its country design significantly longer than the past rock organization.


In October 2000 “Alice 106.7” at last changed the call letters to “WLLC-FM” totally unrelated to one more past Detroit FM rock station, WLLZ-FM (98.7, presently known as WDZH and in no way related to the present WLLZ on 106.7, and the “WWWW” call letters were then changed to 102.9 FM in the Ann Arbor which was then re-launched to “W4 Country” on 29th September 2000.

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