4 Levels of Consciousness Psychology

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we connect our own setting to the substance of life. These settings are in steady transition, and we use them to explore the world

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I portray these 4 conditions of consciousness how these come into impact, and how you can move their application.

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The ‘to me’ state leaves us persuaded that we are the survivor of outside powers, and our mindset is continually directed by life’s promising and less promising time


we can pick how we respond to outside powers — from a world-moving occasion like a downturn to the ordinary climate. At the point when we are in ‘by me’ states we are in GO mode and can pick how we make our existence.


‘However, me’ consciousness means giving up on the current moment. In the event that in ‘by me’ we play the maker, with ‘through me’ we are merely a vessel in which the universe orders itself

‘As me’ is a profound encounter — an obscuring of the individual self and an association with unity.