“Taskbar Showing In Fullscreen” In Windows, Know How to Fix it

The one very common issue faced by many system users is the “Taskbar Showing In Fullscreen” while playing any music or video on YouTube or while surfing on the system. At first, when the program is in full-screen mode, the video takes up the whole screen. The Taskbar ought not to be there by any means.

Windows 10 automatically stows away the taskbar when distinguishes that you have changed to a full-screen mode on the web browser or any media player, or the video game. This dodges interruption and spotlight on the activity or task which one is doing. Yet, now and again, the taskbar will keep on appearing, even in full screen.

Taskbar Showing In Fullscreen

Reason for the “Taskbar Showing In Full-screen”  issue

Some propose that this issue might be brought about by 3rd party application. And some say, that it very well might be because of Windows enhanced visualizations, in which case the same is disabled. In general no, one’s known the reason for the “Taskbar Showing In Full-screen” issue.

 Fixes or measures available to resolve the “Taskbar Showing In Full-screen” issue

There are various measures to fix the “Taskbar Showing In Full-screen” issue from your system. check the list below:

Try restarting Windows Explorer.

Taskbar Showing In Fullscreen

One of the simple and easy measures is to restart the window explorer, Although it has become intriguing; the Windows Explorer interaction can in any case lead to certain issues on your gadget if it’s not working as expected. Restarting this interaction is a straightforward errand as you do not have to reboot your PC. Follow the steps below to fix the issues while restarting your explorer as:

  • Press the key buttons together as Ctrl + Shift + Escape to start/open the Windows Task Manager
  • Find the Windows Explorer and select the same by clicking once.
  • Click right on the explorer and select the restart option from the setting menu.

 Try disabling the taskbar settings

Taskbar Showing In Fullscreen

Check the settings to solve the issue. As a rule, this basic strategy can tackle issues with a rowdy taskbar. Deciding to naturally stow away the taskbar gives a decent full-screen view and is a decent transitory solution.

  • Click or Press on the Windows + I keys together to open the system settings.
  • Then snap on Personalization and select the Taskbar option.
  • Now on the left, click on the Taskbar and then, select the Auto-Hide Taskbar in your system mode and then Auto Hide Taskbar into the tablet mode. Ensure that they are empowered.
  • Now, Close the tab and check whether the issue is settled.

Try fixing the Browser or Media Player

If the taskbar acts unusually while utilizing a particular program or interactive media application, take a stab at fixing the application causing the issue. Application-related bugs and errors can forestall the taskbar from working normally. Follow the steps:

  • Press the Win + R buttons together to open Run.
  • Type control and snap OK to open the Control Panel.
  • Now, Go to Programs then to the Programs and Features tab.
  • From the rundown of applications, right-click on the application that isn’t working in full-screen mode.
  • Then click on the Repair or Change and adhere to on-screen directions to fix the application.

After the same, restart the app to check the issue is resolved.

Introduce Any Pending Windows Updates

Windows updates generally contain bug and error fixes alongside upgrades to the system performance. Refreshing your Windows version with the latest updates can assist you to fix issues with framework applications and highlights.

To check in the event that you have any Windows Updates forthcoming, go to Settings, then click on the Updates and Security and then check for any Windows Updates.

Then, click on Check for updates option to scan for any possible updates available for the system. if you have any updates pending then update your system with the same to resolve the issue.

 Hide “Task View Button” in the Taskbar

Taskbar Showing In Fullscreen

Task View is a virtual work area framework presented in Windows 10. It is a convenient element, and you can get to it from the taskbar utilizing the Task View option. Hiding the Task View button from the taskbar can assist with repairing a taskbar full-screen issue.

Hide the Task View button as:

Simply click right on the taskbar and then uncheck the “Show Task View button” choice.

 Try enabling the Auto-Hide in Windows 10

Taskbar Showing In Fullscreen

You can get around the issue of the taskbar not stowing away in full-screen mode by empowering the auto-hide option. At the point when turned on, the auto-hide component will naturally stow away the taskbar except if you need it.

Hide the taskbar automatically:

· Open Settings and click on Personalization.

· Now click on the Taskbar tab from the left side.

· Flip the switch for the “Automatically hide the taskbar in the desktop mode” choice, it will enable the auto-hide thing.

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Try disabling the Visual Effects in Windows

Users also report that disabling the visual effects on a PC can assist with taking care of a portion of the issues related to user applications in full-screen mode. Follow the steps below:

  • Open the Settings application by tapping on the gear symbol from the Start menu, and then select the system tile.
  • Utilize the menu available in the left pane to change to the About tab. Then click on the Advanced System Settings interface. A popup window ought to show up.
  • Now click the Settings button in the Performance area, now another popup window ought to show up opening the Visual Effects tab.
  • Now only click or select the “Configure for better performance “option preset, and afterward click on the Apply button. Now restart your system.

Final Words

Do try these measures we have discussed above to fix the issues of “Taskbar Showing In Fullscreen” from your system. It will help in improving the system performance also and allows you to complete your work without ruining your working experience. For more information please visit our website thestarbulletin.com


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