Musk Fans Conspiracies About George Soros After Billionaire’s Fund Dumps All Tesla Holdings

David Kaye, a former United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression, tweeted the following: “Twitter under Musk really brings it: grade school versions of free speech, quisling in the face of government demands, Soros-baiting antisemitism, 2nd amendment extremism — and that’s just his account.”

Musk has not provided any direct explanation as to what sparked his most recent outburst against Soros; nevertheless, it comes just a few days after Soros Fund Management declared in an SEC Filing that it no longer held any Tesla stock. During the first three months of 2023, the investment company completely divested itself of its previous holdings of Tesla stock, which were valued at a total of sixteen million dollars. Not only did Soros reduce its holdings in Tesla, but it also reduced its holdings in the competing electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian as well as other technology businesses such as Alphabet and Amazon. During the past few years, Soros has been a prolific donor to Democratic politicians and other progressive causes. As a result, he has been the focus of a wide range of conspiracy theories that have been propagated by those on the right. Following the indictment of former President Donald Trump in the hush money payments case in New York, George Soros dismissed as “far-fetched” conspiracy theories about him that have been peddled by “some on the right.” Soros made this statement in a recent interview. Soros refuted allegations that he had made contributions to the election campaign of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, whose office was in charge of leading the probe into hush money.


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