Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

Has Linda Evans had Cosmetic Surgery?

There is a lot of curiosity about Linda Evans’ rumored plastic surgery.

She is widely regarded as one of television’s purest beauties. Linda Evans rose to fame in the 1980s as the show’s lead character, Dynasty.

One of the most popular series in television history, this soap opera aired at night.

She was originally named Linda Evanstat and was birth to on November 18th, 1942 in Hartford, Connecticut, but she changed it after finding success on television.

Linda was three years old when her dancer parents relocated the family to Hollywood. A leading role as Audrey Barkley in the 1960s TV series The Big Valley was her debut.
Linda Discloses Her Own Experience with Cosmetic Surgery

Famous people who have had plastic surgery often don’t talk about it. However, Linda Evans does not shy away from discussing the surgeries she has had.

She feels she has overdone it with the number of operations she has had, and she regrets having them done. She has talked about the botched plastic surgery she had on both Oprah and Diane Sawyer.

The most noticeable change to her appearance is the appearance of her very big lips. These lips might be adorable on a teenager, but they don’t suit her mature face.

Her overly plump cheeks and disproportionately huge lips give her a grotesque appearance. Indeed, Linda Evans is still stunning, but her face looks very different from how it did before all of the plastic surgery.

Linda Evans Plastic Surgery
Linda Evans Plastic Surgery

Photos of her before and after plastic surgery reveal a startling transformation. Although Joan Rivers’ various cosmetic enhancements are obvious, their facial features are in harmony. This demonstrates that cosmetic surgery on ladies of advanced age is feasible.

Linda is still attractive even though her face does not seem to be natural for a woman of her age. You only need to look at photos of Lisa Rinna now to see the deadly effects of botched plastic surgery. The lips are a notoriously tricky area to correct, therefore this is very important to remember.

Linda Evans will be the first to acknowledge that she’s made some poor choices in her plastic surgery past, but she’s content with her life at this point and has no plans to change anything.

She has lately published a cookbook and lives on a vast plot of land in Washington state. “Recipes for Life” is the title of this book. She freely acknowledges that she underwent numerous surgeries to mimic her musician lover Tani’s youthful appearance.

Having broken up with him, she is no longer concerned with maintaining her youthful appearance and is instead living it up away from the Hollywood limelight.

What The Experts Say…

A renowned plastic surgeon has commented that she has “overdone” her face and that less invasive surgeries may have produced the same or perhaps better results. The lower portion of her face is rather prominent, but otherwise, she has a natural appearance.

Surgeons who are less eager to please their patients can avert many unfavorable results in plastic surgery. The face must have a natural appearance; a person in their seventies should not try to pass for a teenager.

Although 69-year-old Linda Evans is currently out of the limelight, she is still very much the subject of conversation. Unfortunately, it’s not because of her acting chops but rather her disastrous plastic surgery.

Evans spent considerable time after “Dynasty” at the hands of a plastic surgeon, getting implants, fillers, and lifts.

Linda has used excessive amounts of facial fillers or cheek implants, as her face is unnaturally big for a lady of her age.

Dr. David Shafer, a plastic surgeon in New York City, has said of Linda, “Linda appears like she has had dermal fillers or cheek implants in the midface, leaving her cheeks appearing exaggerated.”

Her face looks incredibly big, but also very strained and stretched as if she’s had a facelift or perhaps even eyelid surgery. Her nose seems extremely squeezed as if she’s had a rhinoplasty.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, an expert in facial plastic surgery, says, “Ms. Evans has probably had all areas of her face worked on: a facelift, an over-aggressive rhinoplasty that makes her nose look pinched, over-elevated eyebrows and hollow eyes from the aggressive eyelid and brow surgery, and finally, over-inflated lips.” Her inherent beauty may have been preserved with some minor cosmetic surgery and fillers.

“Linda Evans had classic good looks and a wonderful grin,” Dr. Sherrell J. Aston, a plastic surgeon, is cited as saying. She seems like she’s had plastic surgery before, specifically a brow lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, and rhinoplasty. Her cheeks and lips are over-injected in recent images. This is a classic case of trying to reverse aging with just one treatment approach.

Rather than undergoing such drastic measures, Dr. Aston recommends that she undergo “conservative injection to restore facial volume in addition to skilled cosmetic surgery,” which would have resulted in her looking gorgeous. No more injections or surgeries should be performed on her.

As much as Linda Evans wanted to seem young, she ended up looking older after undergoing too many plastic surgeries.

Ironically, Evans recently made the following statement about aging and plastic surgery on the “Oprah Winfrey Show”: “Getting older, you get wiser. That’s one of the best parts about becoming older.

Evans continued, “I’m happier (today) because I don’t define myself by the way people think.” The ultimate goal of life should be to “look at yourself in the mirror and love yourself nonetheless.”

Evans made some astute observations, but her credibility would be enhanced if she would just stop talking about plastic surgery.

As ET Online adds, Evans went under the knife in her 50s because she was so worried about her appearance and how much older it made her look than her lover. I don’t regret doing that, Evans was reported as saying.

After “Dynasty,” I decided to have plastic surgery because I was in love with Yanni, a musician 12 years my junior. Additionally, I feel no remorse for having done it. I wanted to change my appearance so that I wouldn’t be so self-conscious about the age gap,” Evans said.

Later, Evans reportedly recognized that she didn’t have the time or money to invest in keeping up that appearance.

Linda Evans had a low sense of self-worth, which must be acknowledged. In case you forgot, she confessed to Oprah that she doesn’t think she’s a particularly attractive woman.

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