How to Get Over a Bad Grade in School?

How to Get Over a Bad Grade in School

A bad grade is one of the most dreaded occurrences for a high school student, whether you were expecting it due to not preparing well enough or it just happened despite your preparation and effort. Now that you have received the graded paper, you are wondering what is next?

If it was a writing test, you might start wondering how to buy an essay paper online, and if it is a math test, you might be thinking of taking extra classes to make up for it. But before then, you should do these to handle the situation well.

Do Not Beat Yourself Up

A bad grade happens to even the best of us, which does not indicate the end of the world, nor does it make any less of who you are. So, you should not beat yourself up about the result. And this applies whether you are at fault or not; once you feel the need to do better, you should put behind the pity party you put up.

Also, one bad grade in high school does not define you or what you will be in the future. In five years, you will not remember that bad grade you had in high school. So, cheer up and be better.

Evaluate the Cause

Just because you are not meant to dwell on it does not mean you should not forget about it. Once you have established that it is ok to fail sometimes, and it does not mean you are a failure, you should move on to avoiding the same issue in the coming times.

So. evaluate what caused the bad grade. Did you not study enough? Was it because you did not know the test structure? Were you reading and not assimilating? Ask yourself those self-evaluating questions.

If you have access to the test question, you can go through it and find out what was difficult for you. Then you can move from there.

Ask Questions

One of the first questions you ask your coursemates after failing a course is what their score was. This is not bad as it will help you evaluate if it is a general or personal problem. If it is prevalent, you do not have to worry too much; you can just ask the teacher in charge of the correction.

Also, if it is a general problem, you can ask for feedback from the lecturer to know the cause and what you can do better. If your friends got better grades, it is not time to feel bad; ask them questions about how they did it and learn from them.

Do not be shy to ask your other colleagues questions if your friends cannot help.

Work on Your Weakness

Now that you know your weaknesses and gaps, it is time to strategize and look for ways to become stronger and better. You must be able to tackle the right things if you come back better. This is why it is necessary to know the cause of the problem before moving on to the next phase.

So, if not knowing the question type was the cause of the bad grade, get all unnecessary information about the next exam up till the question type, and prepare for it. And if the issue was running out of time, search for information on how to be better at answering the questions efficiently and effectively.

Most of all, if the cause of the issue was inadequate preparation, do not get lazy and do not procrastinate; start preparing for the next exam as soon as possible.


No matter the cause of the failure, you will still need to prepare well before the next exam. Even though you might be discouraged and not feel up to it, you should still prepare because writing an exam without preparation can lead to worse failures.

So, practice, practice, and practice until you know you are ready to slay whatever comes your way.

Go and Ace it

Now that you have known your weak point, you have worked on it, and you have prepared for the next exam, it is time to ace it. Do not lose confidence because of the past. Believe in yourself that you can do better, and go and do it.

Also, if you find yourself fidgeting in the exam hall, take a deep breath, take some water, and take time to relax. Do not do the test in a rush or under tension.

Other Tips to Getting Over a Bad Grade

Sometimes, getting over the bad grades might seem more complicated than we expected. You find it hard to get over the voice blaming you for being a failure or telling you how you caused and deserved it. Listening to the voice will make you drown deeper with no way of rescuing yourself.

So, if you are finding it hard to get over your feelings. Do these

Cry it out

Yes, you have been told to get over it, how it will not matter in a few years and so many other words of encouragement. But that does not stop you from feeling bad about your score, but no one seems to understand. Everyone goes back to their routine after their words of encouragement.

Well, maybe it is time to cry it out. Go to a safe space where you will not be sen or questioned and let out the pool. Scream if you have to (not too loud), and wipe your and take a nap when you are done.

Crying it out sometimes lifts the emotions off your chest. And you will find you are feeling better after letting it out.

So, after your nap, get to what you must do to improve in the next one.

See the counselor

If this is not your first bad grade, you might want to speak to a professional to know what is going wrong. The counselor can analyze the grades and tell you where the problem is coming from. It might mean you need to change a course or receive a tutorial on another. If you need external help, do not shy away from it.

See a therapist

You might need a therapist if it comes down to feeling depressed and having suicidal thoughts. This only happens when there are other underlying issues. But if you think you can not handle it by yourself, seek out a therapist.

Looking back and thinking of bad grades, you will wonder why you worried so much about them then. And you will be amazed that you thought your world was crashing down. So, do not feel down or give up because of a bad grade or two. Get better at what you do and thrive.