How to Get Money Off a Netspend Account Without a Card

Netspend is one of the widely utilized finance tech services used in the USA which also offers a lot to the users with its special and unique features. Still one of the most common inquiries in regards to the use of Netspend card is “How to get money off Netspend account without a card?” Netspend offers a lot to its users such as transferring money to friends and family options, Mobile check deposits, Netspend card feature, and more.

Netspend can be utilized to pay for merchandise either on online or offline modes. The client can utilize the Netspend application, and, surprisingly, the Netspend card, which can be utilized wherever Visa and MasterCard-controlled cards are acknowledged.

There are tons of ways by which one can get money off from their Netspend account. A Netspend card is one of the choices, where clients can take care of bills either online or offline without hanging tight for the transfer of money.

How to Get Money Off a Netspend Account Without a Card

Indeed, in some cases, clients inquire as to whether there are alternate ways of getting money off a Netspend account. There could be many justifications for why anyone may need to withdraw the money without the Netspend card, well the reason can forget the card at home sometimes if the card is lost then we will be discussing the possible reasons which will help in getting money off Netspend account without a card.

Various measures to get money off from Netspend account without a card

Method 1 – Make payments with the Virtual Account number

Netspend offers its debit card which helps in making online and offline payments. Also, the best part is the client can utilize their funds off the Netspend account without utilizing the real card. This should be possible by the utilization of the VAN which is Virtual Account numbers.

The virtual account number is an incredible method for spreading the word and doesn’t look extremely secure to permit admittance to Netspend card numbers and different subtleties. At times, it tends to be utilized as an option in contrast to the Netspend card.

Users can produce a Virtual Account number for making any specific payment. A Virtual Account number is very much like a temporary account number that can’t be utilized again for the payment as it can only be used once for the specific payment which needs to be made using this number. This is the most ideal choice for clients who would rather not share their Netspend account details with payment receivers. How to get money off Netspend account without a card

Follow the steps below to easily generate a Virtual account number to make any payment without utilizing the Netspend card.

  • Step 1 – Open the Netspend app on your mobile or you can also open the Netspend website, The Netspend app is easily accessible on any iOS and androids device. Or click to the Netspend official website at

 Netspend Account

  • Step 2 – After opening the app or website, as shown above, log in to the Netspend account by entering your correct username and password.

 Netspend Account

  • Step 3 – After logging in you need to open the Netspend Account Center
  • Step 4 – In the Netspend account center, find the option for the Virtual Account Number, using the same you can able to generate the temporary virtual account number.
  • Step 5 – Now after generating the Virtual account number you can use the same for making your payment, all the other details for the virtual card will be available on the virtual account card like expiry date, CVV number to make any online payment.

Method 2 – Make payments using PayPal by transferring funds to a bank

Netspend can be used to add funds to this account by using the bank account and its debit card. Yet, sadly, the opposite of the equivalent isn’t upheld on Netspend. This implies you can’t move or transfer the money to your bank account from Netspend. Be that as it may, there is a workaround utilizing which you can get the cash off the Netspend and move it to your bank account. All you need is PayPal account access for the same.

Essentially, you can transfer the money from the Netspend account to the PayPal account, and from PayPal, you can send the money back to the bank also. Kindly don’t transfer the heavy amount or large amount from PayPal to Netspend as it may put your large amount on hold. How to get money off Netspend account without a card

And transferring the money to the bank from PayPal through Netspend will take around 3-5 days as PayPal takes 3-5 days for such transfer to reflect on the bank account. The specific technique for getting cash off the Netspend account will be liberated from any extra expense. Be that as it may, you should wait a couple of days to get the funds in your bank.

Method 3 – Pay via requesting the Check

One more method for getting money off the Netspend account is by mentioning a check from the Netspend support. However, one should know that this specific technique is by and large utilized when a client needs to close an account. In any case, you could utilize it to get the money off the Netspend account. Follow the steps below to get money off through this way:

· At first contact the Netspend support group by calling the Netspend Support at 1-866-387-7363 – which can be reached to demand a check.

· Now, request the check, in reaching the Netspend support group at the given number, you should ask them for the ‘check.’ You could get requested a few subtleties connected with your Netspend account, so be prepared for that as well.

· Lastly, in the wake of mentioning for the check, you should simply pause. The check could take around seven days to show up to your postage information.

Method 4 – Make use of Third-party services

There are numerous different strategies to get money off the Netspend without a card.

You can utilize third-party services such as Express Payment or Money gram to make the payments to the merchants. Indeed, before doing so you need to check whether it works at your merchant shops or not. As it will only work if the merchant accepts such third-party payments.

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Method 5 – Transfer funds to friend or family account

Well, if in case of any emergency of money you can send the money to your friend and family account who can withdraw the money for you and here you have the money from the Netspend without a card.

Final Words

Here, we have discussed the possible measures which can be used to know how to get money off a Netspend account without a card. All these measures or methods are ethical and do not violate any policy anywhere so proceed as you may like.


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