overheating issue in your galaxy S9 even after using the same on the normal range. Then it very well may be an indication of either a serious firmware issue or hardware issue.

The issue focuses on an equipment issue, then your final retreat is to take the cell phone back to the shop so an expert can look into the same to fix the Samsung s9 overheating issue

galaxy s9 running hot and slow would a reset help and is warming up so terrible regardless of whether it’s charging is to switch it off to prevent all cycles and equipment from running.

In the event that it’s charging while at the same time overheating, separate it from the charger right away.

How can galaxy s9 run hot and slow would a reset help?

While it’s shut down, let it sit on the table for 15 minutes for its cooling down yet don’t put it in the freezer. Make it cool down normally. Whenever it’s cooled, walk out on it and keep utilizing it