How old is Curious George

Curious George marks its 83rd birthday this month, that wicked little primate who is the lead character of a famous book series, a television program

George, who was tracked down in Africa by the Man with the Yellow Cap, in fact, a monkey or a gorilla?

why does curious George not have a tail?

The basic way to show the semantic distinction in the Introduction to Biological Anthropology course is that Monkeys quite often have tails. Primates or Apes do not have tail

This is a significant differentiation on the grounds that, as portrayed, Curious George has no tail, proposing he is a chimp or potentially a Barbary macaque. About Curious George

At the time Curious George was made, the expression “monkey” was normal in everyday use to portray quite a few primates.  It was only after 1929 that the Global Commission on Zoological Classification suggested utilizing the taxon Simia because it is “paraphyletic”.